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Thread: Image Conversion

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    Image Conversion

    I implement an application that detects objects (robots) represented by LED markers that emit white light. The camera is fixed under the ceiling and "observes" the area where robots with LED markers can move. Camera`s color space is YCbCr.

    I would like to convert image given by camera to a greyscale and then process it. My question is to which color space should I convert camera`s color space (YCbCr) in order to later convert it to a greyscale so I can extract most information about white areas represented by LEDs?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Image Conversion

    Not quite sure what are saying.... But, I think you can keep the image sRBG and just desaturate the color to -100, as the quickest way... Some software has a dialog to convert to a BW image that allows you adjust the color channels in a simpler way. to achieve a better contrast control.

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    Re: Image Conversion

    A bit over my head but isn't the Y in your color space the black and white information? Are you trying to strip out a frame or the entire video? You might have more success with an answer in a video-oriented forum like this one:

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