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Thread: Nonlinear Disparity Mapping for Stereoscopic 3D

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    Nonlinear Disparity Mapping for Stereoscopic 3D

    Hi, everyone, I am a new commer Smile

    I studied a paper "Nonlinear Disparity Mapping for Stereoscopic 3D" by Disney.

    This paper is interesting, but I am confused about the operator "^" in the 4.3 Warping, Saliency Constraints, "overlaps".

    What is the definiton of the operator "^"?

    In the following paragraph, it mentions that "The constrains are converted into energy terms so that the computation of the warps (Wl, Wr) can be solved as an iterative nonlinear least-squares problem."

    However, how can I convert this overlaps constraint into energy term?

    If the operator "^" means "AND", I have no idea about solving a least-squares problem with an "AND".

    If anyone can help me?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Nonlinear Disparity Mapping for Stereoscopic 3D

    Welcome to the forum.
    The "^" operator seems to be the intersection operator from set theory.

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