My challenge is that I need to be able to work through some 75K images .

While clearly this will stress the editing process , I would like to have access to all 75K which is now about 1.5TB.

One solution would be to create full size previews of the entire library . I know this is what Seth Resnick recommends . If I can work directly with the previews any ranking,color coding etc will be retained in the LR catalog.

Three issues :

1. Best way to create the largest possible previews for all 75K images .

2. Assuming the previews exceed my SSD drive way to split the catalog files between external and the SSD. Can I put the preview folder on an external and keep the catalog itself on the SSD.

3. Any ideas on coding for multiple levels of editing . My bias is to use my rankings for the review and the colors for different selection criteria .

Using the meta data is a longer term issue as I haven t coded anything.

The folder organization is in great shape year, subject,card I can find 2011,spring training, 03_11_Braves _Cardinals .

Sorry for the long winded request .