Hello :

I am about to scan several hundred Color Transparencies and B&W Negatives from my archive on a professional scanner ( most likely either a Hassleblad X1 or X5 Scanner ).

As I would like to undergo this process only once and save the scans for future use, I wish to understand if there is an optimal resolutions that each of the following formats should be scanned at : 1. 35mm, 2. 6x4.5 and 6x7.

Both the Transparency and Negative media are either rated at ISO 100 or below ( 64 and some 25 ).

What I mean by optimal is that a 35mm transparency, if desired, be scanned all the way upto 8000ppi, but that maybe an over kill - What I wish to understand is the optimize data that can be extracted from the media before one hits the proverbial "wall" after which additional resolution will not be a gain.

I will appreciate your guidance / advise based on the above explanation.