I am using a frame grabber inspecta-5 with 1GB memory, also a high speed camera "EoSens Extended Mode, 640X480 1869fps, 10X8 taps". I am new to coding for grabbers and also to controlling the camera. the Inspecta-5 grabber, gives me different options, like changing the requested number of frames from the camera to grabber and also from grabber to main memory. also I can use camera links to send signal to camera and have different exposure times. but Im not really sure what should I use to obtain 1000 frame per second rate, and how can I test it?

my idea is to set the following options in the camera profile:
Reqframe = 1000
which according to the software manual means : frame acquisition from camera to grabber and frame acquisitions from grabber to Main memory , respectively.
but does it mean that we are getting 1000 images per second???
please give me an idea, I am really stuck right now.
what would be the option for setting the fps to 1000 ? and also how can I test it,please add answer.