I am working with Leica S2 files and have the C1 color profile added to the input profiles. Unfortunately, the lens correction palette is disabled and the grayed out text says something like "unsupported lens" (I don't remember the exact wording). I really need the CA corrections. Is there any way to 'trick' C1 into enabling the lens corrections options?

I was wondering what would happen if the file was originally opened in LR4, some minor edits and then saved as a new DNG. Would that work? I'd rather avoid that work flow because LR --> C1 --> Photoshop is adding a step.

My only reason for wanting to do this is because I think the colors from C1 have deeper, cleaner, richer looking tones. Also, I think C1 V6 does a much better job than LR4 (4.1 rc2) at removing purple CA.