Hi all. We are still not back in our home after Sandy ( no power yet). We are living at a friend's home, and I am forced to use an ancient notebook, 2 gb RAM, Windows XP. My files are huge (Pentax 645D, and D800E), and the notebook chokes trying to run these files through Photoshop. I can buy a new notebook with 8 gb RAM for about $650. I know I will have to deactivate PS on the old notebook. My CS 5 was an upgrade from CS3. Will I be able to install CS 5 upgrade if the earlier version is not on the new notebook? I have the disks for earlier versions at home, but they are also upgrades. The new PCs are running Windows 8. Any issues with 8 and PS? I also just bought Lightroom 4 ( not installed yet), but intend to install it on the new PC. I really hate changing PCs, as I have a bunch of down loaded plug ins, etc, that will need to be re- down load. Lastly: At home I use a calibrated and profiled monitor, using Spyder Pro, and my prints match my monitor. I will probably have to wait until I return home for serious tweaks before printing. My Spyder Pro DOES have a feature for notebooks....is this a waste of time? I know where profiles are installed on Win 7, but have no clue where they end up in 8. I may check the retailer if I can get Win 7 64 bit in lieu of Win 8 .
Thanks for the help.
Dave in NJ