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Thread: Two 27inch monitors vs. One 30inch NEC

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    Two 27inch monitors vs. One 30inch NEC

    In the midst of happily building my editing setup, I now decided to go for the
    monitor. With prices cheaper in advance of the incoming LED model, already
    a 301 NEC 30incher with calibration package + monitor hood would be $740
    cheaper than the incoming 302 LED model.
    I went to B&H today and found out that:

    1. hmm, the 27inch model isn't actually not too far off from a 30incher,
    perceptively, and in fact I would really have to back off from the 30incher.
    As I'd be working with images in 16:9, somehow the 27incher "felt" more naturally widescreen than the 30incher.
    2. The price of TWO 27inch monitors + one monitor hood + one calibration package comes out to $143 cheaper than ONE 301 30inch monitor with calibration and hood!!

    I imagine I could have tools sets on one monitor, and a full screen preview on the other..

    Before I pull the trigger, I'd love to hear from folks working with dual monitors about their experiences.
    I'll be working on Phase One RAW files primarily for two months - then switching to Final Cut for a film edit.
    thanks all.

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    Re: Two 27inch monitors vs. One 30inch NEC

    Personal oppinion: I never got used to a two-monitor approach. I have one 30" HP monitor and do calibrating on a rather loose approach - so I would go definitely for a single monitor with an easier calibration support. Imagine the time to spend on calib two monitors ...


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