I just saw Amazon is offering unlimited photo storage at $11.99 per year. Like many here, I started making double back up CDs for my digital photo files. Then the files became too large, so I switched to dual DVDs, then dual Blu Ray discs. Now I use dual portable hard drives. As I fill up a pair, I store one off site and the other at my home office. The press release says you can upload existing collections, and also store as you create them. Any ideas if this sounds OK? I cannot imagine trying to read and upload all my CDs, DVDs, and Blu Ray discs, as I would have to do them one at a time (I have a ton of them). But the filled portable hard drives might not be too bad, as I assume I could walk away as the files are being up loaded. Any caveats? Ideas, suggestions welcome!
Thanks all
Dave in NJ
PS: Not sure where to post this.