Learned something new today and thought I’d pass it on.

I had just finished cloning my laptop drive onto a SSD andstarted the computer. Everything exceptC1-Pro worked as it should; instead it said that I had exceeded the number ofactivations and it was reverting to demo mode. Not cool. I reinserted the olddrive long enough to deactivate C1 thinking that would solve the problem. Reinstalled the new SSD and was faced withthe same problem as before. Turns out “Eachmachine will produce a unique identification to our servers. Therefore, when anew machine is purchased, an OS is reinstalled, or a hard drive rebuilt, it is'seen' as a New Computer.”

The following is directly from Article 1793 “ActivationLimit Exceeded” (last updated April 22, 2015)
“To solve this error you can either deactivate a computeryou are no longer using within Capture One:
Deactivateinside CaptureOne or Media Pro. This is very useful if you have astandard license, but occasionally need to use a 3rd computer.

Or if you no longer have access to that machine you can reset the entirelicense from Phaseone.com:
I logged into “My Pages” going into “License Management” anddeactivated all my computers. Returnedto my laptop went through the activation process with no problems then went tomy main studio computer as well as the Surface Pro 3 I use to tether doing thesame and am now back up and running with no issues.

Just goes to show what a little research will accomplish ona Friday afternoon.