Can any of you pros tell me about your Capture One workflow regarding how you set up your libraries, catalogs, albums, folders, sessions etc etc.
The reason I'm asking is I would like to improve my file organization within the software and on my HD. I have used C1 for years, but mainly just for tethering a job. Lately I have completely switched over from Lightroom and I'm still a bit green when it comes to my question. Right now I have everything in one Library on a 5tb HD (in backup raid) and I import jobs into new User Collections. I actually just started doing that....I was previously relying on the Recent Imports section until older jobs began to vanish. I am on C1 9 btw. I guess I just want to be more efficient. I work a fair amount and usually end up with around 40K files per year. Going back and finding specific files or jobs can sometimes be a nightmare and I definitely need to be more organized. I have never really used metadata or keywords and I'm not sure I want to be bothered with that although I guess that would also make things easier for me in the long run. I was reading on the C1 website and noticed they recommend starting a new Catalog per job or category and I found this interesting as I had never considered that. A colleague of mine recently had an entire Catalog go corrupt on him, and while he was able to recover the files, he lost all his work regarding adjustments and warned me to not keep everything in one place.

Thank you for any help. I am a new poster on this forum but have been reading for a few years.