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Thread: Scancafe vs Southtree

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    Scancafe vs Southtree

    Any thoughts?

    Southtree is running a 50% off sale today, which is pretty hard to beat.

    But in terms of quality, seems like scancafe is still better.

    I'm scanning slides (about 2000) and 4x6 prints (about 1000). Also about 25 Hi8 tapes.

    Anyone have experience with either of these?

    Thank you

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    Re: Scancafe vs Southtree

    Scancafe has a good reputation and has been endorsed by several well known professionals . They are know for excellent quality ,good prices and very slow service . The scans were all being done in India and the turn around was several months .

    The issue do you feel about sending away your slides for an extended period . When I studied this a few years ago ...I determined that I needed to send my slides in smaller batches and for lower quality scans . Then after I could reviews them with PhotoMechanic I could select a smaller number for “best quality scans “ . I haven t done this because of the logistics of sending and receiving the packages .

    I am interested if anyone has found a company that can turn around quick ,cheap scans so I can sort thru about 15K slides .

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