Personally, I am never going to subscribe to any software. Therefore I had to look for options to Adobe Photoshop for pixel editing. When I found Serif Affinity Photo I thougt that may be my best option and now, later on I find this choice better and better by each new update.

Serif Affinity Photo Desktop is a very capable software and has all I need from my editor, if not exactly every bit and function in Photoshop. Affinity can read PSD documents if moving from Photoshop with some limitations. There are not so many instructive books on Affinity but I have several German language books. My plugins are handled quite well in Affinity, I use Nik, Topaz and PTLens for example. OnOne are incompatible. All in all I am so satisfied with Affinity Photo.

However, there are some buts. Affinity has RAW file support but no 'Smart object' capability with raw files. Frankly I don't use Affinity raw editing, and I have to rely on other programs for raw editing. Also, Affinity does not in the current state have a file browser / organizer / database so there I also use other programs.

The affordable prices on Affinity products are great.