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Recent content by apophoto

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    Mamiya 7 Body only

    sold on FM
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    Mamiya 7 Body only

    Hi I am selling my Mamiya 7 body Everything is in good condition , with some user marks can be seen on the photos I have sold my 80mm and 150mm. Lightmeter works accurately. Selling for $2250 shipped
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    WTB : Hasselblad 110mm F2.0 FE Planar

    I have a Planar F if you are interested.
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    WTB : Horseman SW617 180MM F/5.6 Schneider APO Symmar

    would you consider a gx617 with the 180mm?
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    Hasselbad 2000FCW with 110mm F2 Planar

    additional images of the lens.
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    Hasselbad 2000FCW with 110mm F2 Planar

    Hi Selling a minty condition Hasselblad 2000FCW with 110mm F2 Planar It comes with the original focusing screen, The shutter curtain has no wrinkle on both sides, 110mm Glass is clean and clear, very minimal signs of dust The aperture blades are oil free , Focusing is silky smooth Stunning...
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    WTB: Pentax 67 75mm F2.8 lens

    pm sent
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    Selling a Minty condition LEICA SUMMICRON-S 100mm /f2 ASPH AF motor replacement done in 2020 The lens is in minty condition with clear glass, Comes with original front and rear caps and a Leica original pouch No hood or box Selling for $5300 shipped.
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    WTB:Nikon UV-105, 105mm f/4.5 or Nikon Rayfact PF10545MF-UV
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    Schneider 165mm F8 Super Angulon

    I really have no idea. On which system will you be using?
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    Hasselblad 2000FCW + 110mm F2 + 80mm F2.8

    more pictures
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    Hasselblad 2000FCW + 110mm F2 + 80mm F2.8

    Selling as a set Including - Hasselblad 2000FCW + Silver A12 Back + PM Finder 110mm F2 Planar ( great condition, Glass is very clean ) 80mm F2.8 Planar ( minor user marks, Glass is clean ) Hasselblad Auto Winder and manual crank winder The PM finder meter works, but I will accuracy is not...
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    Schneider 165mm F8 Super Angulon

    Schneider 165mm F8 Super Angulon This lens will cover 8x10 with an image circle of 390mm @ f22. Glass is very clean, shutter speeds are accurate This lens weigh about 1.6kg with a 105mm filter thread. Selling for $1300 shipped worldwide.
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    What Scam Techniques have you seen?

    always pay extra for insurance. 3% is not a big amount. FF is a big NO