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Recent content by Ari

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    FS: Godox V1 Flash (Sony) & R2 Pro Transmitter

    Bought this in September, but I've since bought something larger. This unit saw light use as a studio flash/background fill, was fired maybe 100 times. Small, light and powerful unit that is a complete rip-off of Profoto's A1, but at about 1/4 the price. Still, you get 76w/s in a tiny unit that...
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    FS: Sony a6300 & Sigma 56mm f/1.4

    The Sony camera has sold, the Sigma lens is still available, and includes the extension tubes. Sigma 56mm lens is like new, no scratches, fungus, haze. Just some dust on the outside of the barrel. Very sharp lens, lightweight, made for Sony mount. Includes caps, box and 3rd-party extension...
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    SOLD: Colormunki Calibration Kit - Complete

    I have to sell this as it's not compatible with M1 Macs. This is 32-bit software, so it won't work with OS Monterey. But it will work with any Intel Mac not running Monterey. This is all I needed to calibrate any monitor successfully, and I only used it maybe 5-6 times. The whole kit is there...
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    SOLD: Sony A7r + many extras

    Moving exclusively to the Fuji GFX system, so this has to go. Less than 5000 actuations, shutter is rated for 250,000 clicks. This camera shoots 36MP and is also an excellent candidate for IR conversion. Camera looks and works like nearly new, and includes box and papers. Also included: two...
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    Advice on GFX lenses?

    Well, the Tokina is on sale at the moment, so I went ahead and ordered it. Reviews are good, and at that price, it can be a placeholder until the 20-35 shows up. Noted about the vignetting, thanks for all the suggestions.
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    Advice on GFX lenses?

    While I wait for Fuji to release the 20-35mm zoom, I've been looking around for an affordable wide angle lens. The Sigma 14-24 f/2.8 is what I'd like to get, but even that is too spendy right now. I'd like an AF 24mm prime, or decent zoom. The Tokina 16-28 Opera might work, any suggestions? Thanks
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    Trying out GFX...replacing Sony?

    Agreed, the GFX is a versatile camera. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure the 35mm setting will come in handy those times I need the TS-E to work optimally. I shoot in 7:6 or 5:4 the rest of the time, so the camera does many different things, so far so good. Good to know about the Pentax, it...
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    Advice on GFX lenses?

    Some zooms I've used have been excellent, such as the Tamron 17-28 f/2.8 I use on a Sony body, so I wouldn't discount them so quickly. Today's zoom lenses are not the same those of yore. I have the 35-70 as well with the S II body, and I like the lens a lot. I tend to prefer primes, but if a...
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    Trying out GFX...replacing Sony?

    So far, I've kept both systems. You're right, I don't need or use AF tracking, and don't care in general how fast an AF system works, as long as it's accurate. The GFX is a bit bigger, but I have room to spare in the Tenba Axis 20L bag. I keep three lenses in there. The Sony is used for general...
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    Cheap K&F Adapter - Pushing my luck?

    Viltrox did not work out, but I found a used Metabones at a reasonable price, and it works perfectly.
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    SOLD: Viltrox Canon EF-Fuji GFX Adapter - Please Read

    Interesting, I'll play around with it. I'll also ask around and see if I can borrow a PC to get the firmware checked out. It may solve the aperture issue.
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    SOLD: Viltrox Canon EF-Fuji GFX Adapter - Please Read

    I bought this to use with a manual-focus TS-E lens, but it's not for me. Like new in the box, with caveats: 1. works well as an adapter, meaning it will connect Canon lens to GFX body 2. manual focus through VF works perfectly 3. when I plug the adapter into my computer, it does not show up on...
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    Trying out GFX...replacing Sony?

    I can understand the camera lust. Good-looking camera with a big sensor. It reminds me of the Pentax 67II. I just sold my A7R2, so I'm all in on the GFX now.
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    Trying out GFX...replacing Sony?

    Thanks, Knorp. I'm not a long lens guy, preferring wides, and a slightly long normal for portrait. The 80 seems attractive for its focal length and its large aperture. Camera with 35-70 arrives tomorrow, EF-GFX adapter and 80mm arrive the following week, so I'll be a better judge of the kit in a...