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Recent content by bavanor

  1. bavanor

    New Olympus EM1 Mark II coming soon

    I have had the Em1 mkii for a couple of weeks now. And boy am I enjoying it. I am coming from the EM5, and I have to say, what an upgrade. The dynamic range has increased, go here for some examples These are some photos from the Women's March in Montana. It was a very sunny day, with snow on...
  2. bavanor

    OM-D E-M5 Mark II Pre-Order

    HI Raist, Sorry for the long pause in response. At imaging resources here for em5 vs em5II and here for em1 vs em5II you can see they call out that the em5II has no anti alias filter. And that the em1 does not have an anti aliasing filter either. Aaron
  3. bavanor

    OM-D E-M5 Mark II Pre-Order

    Raist, From what I have been reading it sounds like the new Em-5 mkII does not have an anti aliasing filter. Aaron
  4. bavanor

    Lens question: Panasonic 100-300 and Olympus 50-200

    I have had the olympus 50-200mm lens since the E-1 days, and just love it. It is just a phenomenal lens. But it is heavier and bulkier compared to the 100-300. Still the images talk for themselves with the 50-200 lens. I use it on the em-5 currently. It is slow to focus on the em-5. I...
  5. bavanor

    MOAB Entrada Natural vs. Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

    In my opinion the only time that you can tell the difference in the whites is when you hold them up next to each other. But when the natural is on its own you don't even think about it.
  6. bavanor

    MOAB Entrada Natural vs. Hahnemuhle Photo Rag

    I have used the Moab entrada bright for years. When I needed some more paper, I made a mistake and got the natural paper. I find after printing on the Entrada Natural this Holiday season, the paper to be great, especially since there are no brightness in the paper. Long story short don't be...
  7. bavanor

    Which bag for the OM D

    I have been using the Think Tank Urban Disguise 50 for over 3 years for a Panasonic G1 and now with my new EM-5. This is a great camera for urban and suburban environments and travel on planes ( it fits under the seat no problem). I can fit the camera with kit lens, the 4/3 50-200mmlens, 4/3...
  8. bavanor

    m43rds dilemma

    Personally I would stick with the m43 system. I have been using the 4/3 50-200mm with converter for all of my telephoto pictures. Works great for birding and still gives you the option of handholding (though nothing beats a tripod). I remember my trip to Kyoto Japan where walking around with...
  9. bavanor

    Picture Code / Noise Ninja's RAW Convertor

    I saw this over at Rob Galbraith site and got pretty excited. I will be keeping my eye open for any more info on Picture Codes new product. I have been using noise ninja since my E-1 back in 2004.
  10. bavanor

    GH2 - worst kept secret - official specs

    I think this new anouncement for the GH2 sounds great. I will probably get one to complement my G1. What I think is a disappointment is that this sensor didn't make it to the olympus E-5. Why of why did you put an old sensor in a flagship 4/3rds camera when you could of used this one. Oh well.
  11. bavanor

    Design help wanted: 4/3rds users

    Hopefully you will decide to make a complete bag at some point and not just ICU's. I need a bag that can be put under the seat in an airplane, can have attachments put on and off (think a netbook/laptop sleeve and lens pouches that can hold cords and chargers or drinks), has both the option of...
  12. bavanor

    PhaseOne PODAS series announced

    Congratulations on the gig for Glacier National Park! Sounds like a great workshop, now if I can just scrap some money together, or better yet get some jobs :)
  13. bavanor

    CS5 WOW!

    CS5 is going to be every boy teens dream, if that video is correct :ROTFL:
  14. bavanor

    Hello Steen, I will be visiting Copenhagen Feb 15 - Feb 20 (fly out that day) and was curious...

    Hello Steen, I will be visiting Copenhagen Feb 15 - Feb 20 (fly out that day) and was curious if you would like to meet up for a drink and some photo conversations? Aaron Britton
  15. bavanor

    Going to Reykjavik and Copenhagen in February, Meet up?

    I will be traveling to Reykhavik and then Copenhagen February 12-19, 2010. I will be three nights in Reykhavik and the rest in Copenhagen. Is there anyone from these areas that would like to meet up for a drink to talk about photography and/or other topics? I know I can talk my wife into...