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    My Take on the Leica CL

    Sony already did that. It is called the RX1.
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    My Take on the Leica CL

    Thank you.
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    Leave Leica SL for D850

    Why would you think Nikon would risk an EVF in a professional workhorse camera. Nikon could not risk it. When we see an EVF from Nikon it will be in a low level DSLR-ish replacement camera, for say the D3xxx series - for proof of concept - or a dedicated mirrorless camera.
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    My Take on the Leica CL

    Thanks for your thoughtful write up. I am considering trading my m4/3 system for the CL - for an always with me travel camera. I see one photo in your write-up at ISO 4000. I would be using this camera for some street photography, what is the highest ISO you are comfortable with? Also, a...
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    I am in TOTAL agreement.
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    You allude to a good point. What Nikkor lenses will resolve discretely enough for the expected sensor? I question if the latest round of Nikkor glass will be OK. If do, for how many more density upgrades of sensor pixels will the "latest and greatest" be fine?
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    Of course, Sony is on record stating they will keep their latest image sensor technology for themselves. As for your statement about "irrelevancy" that comment is seriously overstated.
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    ou are NOT interested Then you are NOT interested. It has not EVF.
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    Nikon's 100th Anniversary

    We can only hope Nikon has been able to stay quiet and will surprise us with something around the anniversary date. Nikon has done well recently with new cameras and lenses, with the exception of the D7500 (IMHO.) A true surprise and something at least moderately fresh would be nice. If they...
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    One body, one prime -- your thoughts

    Agreed. Totally me, too.
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    The D7500, an interesting camera

    Very, very, very, very true. This is my bird in flight set up. tens of thousands of images with this set up. I am wondering what a "real Pro DX zoom" is. As for the original intent of this thread. One card shot is a stupid move and a deal breaker for me. It was all looking good until I got the...
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    Someone want to condiser the points in this article?

    Yes, it is an "opinion." None the less, the article is considerate and makes some solid arguments for their position. Someone want to pick it apart? I am interested in your thoughts. TYIA.
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    135mm lovers: New ART lens, Zeiss drops price.

    For this life of me I do not understand why Zeiss does not do what Sigma, Tamron and Tokina do and reverse engineer Nikon's AF protocols so they can bring an AF F-mount lens. Alternately, it would be nice if Nikon would share information with third parties the way Sony reportedly does.
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    Technical Camera Images

    When were you in Jupiter? That is where I live. Are you a Palm Beach County part timer? We should meet. Please private message me.
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    GFX Pricing announced

    I looked and didn't see anyone reporting this yet. If I somehow missed it, sorry. Fuji announces the pricing structure, here. Fujifilm GFX 50S Pricing Revealed | Fuji Addict