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    Remove a Copal lens from a Cambo WDS lens panel and helicoid??

    Inside the bayonet is a lens nut just as it would be on a lens board you unscrew that and it should come off very easily. The bayonet is basically the lens board.
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    Shiny stuff. a question for the product people

    I shoot exclusively shiny jewelry and this book helped me tremendously. The basic problem is if you use diffuse lighting you will not get the metal look you are going after. The thing you aren't thinking about is that you are not actually shooting the item in question you are effectively...
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    Copal 0 servicing

    I think Sk grimes might be able to help. And you can always just swap out the shutter with another one.
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    Any way to get Schneider or Rodenstock wide angle set-up on a 35mm camera?

    Unlikely with the schneiders. The body of the camera won't allow you to get close enough to the sensor with any mounting mechanism to reach infinity. Its why most people adapt medium format wide angle lenses for movements.
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    2 Questions lens selection for light packing trip and backpack?

    I completely hear what you are saying. It's a constant BATTLE with the Mrs. but I will try to shoot what I can and when I can. It's one of those things where I am traveling quite far and if I don't take it I may regret it. Hence me trying to make it as light a kit as possible. Yes tripod will be...
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    GFX 100S w/h Canon TSE 90/2.8 Macro

    It has a 88mm image circle for movements so its not surprising.
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    2 Questions lens selection for light packing trip and backpack?

    Thats what I am thinking too. Any thoughts on filters? bag?
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    2 Questions lens selection for light packing trip and backpack?

    First question I am taking a trip to Switzerland and Italy with the family. I want to take my tech camera kit but want to be as light as possible. I also want to take one camera system for family shooting. Either the GFX 100s or the Leica. Gear list: IQ4 150 Linhof Techno GFX 100S (I do have a...
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    M1 Ultra

    Very nice setup's I wish mine were "clean" enough to post lol. I am using a stax sr-009 with a kevin gilmore blue hawaii. I am planning to build another amp for them whenever I can find the time. Always fun to meet fellow audio enthusiasts!
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    M1 Ultra

    Oh a fellow headphone amp enthusiast! Not often you seem one, what amp is that and what is your headphone of choice?
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    Converting electronic shutter lens to copal 0 mechanical?

    De thread the front element of the lens to simulate shimming slightly. Easy to do and see if it benefits the image without sourcing shims.
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    Converting electronic shutter lens to copal 0 mechanical?

    I believe they are fairly easy to find. Skgrimes would by far be the easiest place to get shims. And they would already be sized for copal 0 vs a custom shim company. There are many places that sell shims specifically for optical uses. I would also recommend a quality lens spanner tool...
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    Converting electronic shutter lens to copal 0 mechanical?

    I have done this exact thing I had a Schneider 150mm digitar on a roller shutter I took it off and swapped it with a copal from a rodenstock 90mm. It's pretty easy to do and minimal fuss. Yes there can be a difference in optical shimming but you can always experiment with various amounts of...
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    Anyone go back go GFX 100 from GFX 100s?

    Yea not much difference tryna its a tough choice which one to sell!