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    Digital Nikon FM2

    I think Nikon were aiming more for an F3 feel than an FM/FE (which I fondly used back in the late eighties/early nineties). Unfortunately I think size wise the closest one will get to a full frame FM size is the new Sony, a camera that leaves me colder than cold to say the least.
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    Digital Nikon FM2

    Does anyone know what the viewfinder info is like? I'm assuming the same difficult to read (for me at least) LCD along the bottom as it has been since the F5. I wouldn't necessarily welcome a return to the match needle, but some sort of elegant hybrid solution would have been nice, though since...
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    Not impressed by the A7/A7r

    Imo one of the ugliest of the new crop of cameras. Never thought the Canon F1 was an appealing design myself.... (that's what it reminds me of).
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    Monochrome tips

    Well, beyond the cosmetic (I run my M's "bare"), I find the MM files are extremely robust on the bottom end. They need and can tolerate a lot of black point decreasing in LR. I find a good formula is to underexpose a bit, and then increase the shadow and decrease the black point by the same...
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    Looking for Your Expertise

    Pocket wizards. But be sure to get the right cord to attach the receiver unit to the flash.
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    MM freezing

    Try a faster card and newer battery. Write time is longer than the M9 as there is no compressed mode. No need to shoot discreet if you are firing off continuous shots. Almost 50,000 shots on my M9 and have never once used discreet. What's the point? The camera's going to make the wind on noise...
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    LNIB Leica 18mm Super-Elmar with matching Leica 18mm finder. So pristine I'm not even going to photograph it. Three macroscopic pin points on the barrel for full disclosure, but you have to be really looking. All as if coming new with cases, boxes, caps, instructions, etc. Not a mark on the...
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    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    Hi Ashwin, Gorgeous stuff you've been shooting. Gonna have to pick your brains about these old lenses. At this point I think maybe you have too many and need to narrow it down! Early days with my MM still, and haven't really connected yet. But I'm sure I will, it's just that I always liked the...
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    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    Finally got a Monochrome. First shots are of my daughter Leica (how apropos). Amazing camera. Of course the rangefinder was out but managed to adjust it myself today. Everything about it feels tighter than my M9's. And it's quieter. Nice surprise. But yeah I can see I've got an uphill learning...
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    I've got nearly 43,000 on one of mine and still going strong.
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    Monochrom Lens Preferences

    Hey Inner, Thanks! I also had to sell my beautiful SWC, and a number of Leica lenses are going to have to come up on the chopping block. With two young kids I promised myself that from now on it's gear in/gear out. If you are waiting on an MM, I would recommend trying Europe, esp the various...
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    Monochrom Lens Preferences

    My Monochrom arrives today! Looking forward to using my 50mm pre-asph Lux which hasn't gotten much love on the M9. Think iit's creaminess wide open on the Mono should be nice. Also some f4 lenses like the 18mm super elmar and 90mm macro-elmar will be interesting to test at higher iso's in...
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    Nikon 135mm DC