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Recent content by chris_holtmeier

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    Flash Trigger Phase One DF

    Wouldn’t say all. I could never get my Phottix Odins to trigger from my DF+.
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    Flash Trigger Phase One DF

    I use the X1T-C on my DF+ all the time. Only works in dumb mode though.
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    Flashpoint Xplor PRO 600 TTL with Phase One XF ?

    I have the AD200, and the X1TC trigger works fine on my Phase One 645DF+ in manual mode. I bought the Godox kit mainly for event stuff with my Canon system, but I have used it in my Rotaluxes in place of the usual Profoto D1. Personally, I didn’t like it as much as the Profoto heads.
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    Mamiya 120 Macro MF

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    Mamiya 120 Macro MF

    Great lens, no flaws. Functionally perfect, great condition. $600 plus shipping/PP. I haven't sold anything here yet, but check my feedback on the POTN forums, same username.