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  • Hi Daf,
    I am really interested to know a little bit more about the HCam Master adapter and see that you have some really good knowledge of it (even though you have only had it for a little while). Do you have any sample images with it by any chance? Also, do you have a personal website that I could possibly see some of your work? I am interested in both stitching as well as using it for single shot image capture..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Best Regards

    Hi Daf,
    Yes, please share when you get a chance! An actual user experience will definitely be able to answer some of my questions..

    Am very keen to be able to get one of these but at this stage, I still have no idea if it is going to do what I am after...

    I don't have much interest in using the adapter with the Nikon 14-24mm but am more interested in the Canon TS-E lenses and medium format lenses..

    Thanks so much. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences.

    Enjoy the slopes
    I have a nice

    72 mm Digitar for cambo wrs

    If still looking, send me your email to [email protected] so that i attacched pics, details and have them sent to your email.

    When email for pics and details, please make sure you put the subject:

    72 mm Digitar for cambo wrs
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