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    30032014- Dsc3839

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    26032014- Dsc3422

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    26032014- Dsc3439

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    26032014- Dsc3742

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    19032014- Dsc2990

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    21032014- Dsc3085

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    18032014- Dsc2706

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    Phase One

    Silverfleet Capital | Silverfleet Capital to invest in Phase One A/S
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    Pentax has been sold
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    Screen for Pentax 645D

    Hello, A first message from a newbie.:salute: Posted from Paris, under the rain !! I read and learn from you all thince 3 or 4 years. Thanks for that ! Ok. Just to give an information i have never read before (may miss something) The differents screens for the Pentax 645 NII (not the 645N) fit...