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Recent content by Derek Zeanah

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    Advice on GFX lenses?

    TL/DR: Can you get away with just zooms on these cameras? What's a good, minimalist, "do everything" lens set? Background: Never liked zooms. First camera was an AE-1 and it came with a Sears branded 28-70. Nope. Moved to primes. Took some photo classes. Still stuck with primes. Moved to Nikon...
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    Positive feedback for Jonathan

    @Jonathan sold me two flashes. Shipped promptly, well packaged.
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    Fun with MF images 2021

    Color for me too. Very subtle colors there that work well. (Ahem. And ‘color’ does not have a ‘u’ in it. 😛)
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    Where to start re: Printing

    I'll add that to the weekly chores.
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    Where to start re: Printing

    Thanks folks. I managed to order a P700 from B&H the day before Jorgen's advice, but I'll make it work. I've got an old Colorvision monitor calibration tool that pre-dates Windows 10 so I bought a newer Spyder from B&W as well, as well as a mix of paper to test and try. At least there was a...
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    Kirk L Bracket For Fuji GFX-100s, Sony 120 GB XQD

    I'll take both flashes. I'd have bought more if I'd seen this before I placed my B&H order.
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    New Hi-Res cameras - file size issues

    If you’re going to get critical of 50TB in one box…I’ll just tell you that box is labeled NAS3 and leave it at that. I think OP has a good range of solid options now.
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    New Hi-Res cameras - file size issues

    Doc Holliday nailed it. To simplify it for those who don't want to get too deep into these topics: Step One: Make a place to store your data. Your data is stored on your computer already. What I'm talking about here is a place that sits on your network whose job it is to store data and make...
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    Where to start re: Printing

    Thanks, Godfrey. did you find it difficult to get to the point where you could order prints from a third party and be confident the output would match your monitor/P600/expectations?
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    New Hi-Res cameras - file size issues

    I prefer Backblaze - last time I compared it was affordable and simple.
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    Where to start re: Printing

    Understood Stanley. Thanks.
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    Where to start re: Printing

    I’ve got the 2013 and 2014 editions of those. A quick skim of the table of contents suggests it’s all focused on ACR, Lightroom, and Photoshop circa 2013. At least for the first volume. Is that still the most relevant text today? What if I’m not planning on using Adobe products if I can...
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    New Hi-Res cameras - file size issues

    So, an external device applying compression won’t compress anything that’s already compressed; or at least not much. Either way don’t worry about it. what you probably need is a network storage device from Qnap or Synology. There are lots of options and variables, but at the end of the day...
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    Where to start re: Printing

    edited to simplify: as a noob to photo printing am I likely to regret buying an epson p700 to learn and grow on? Does it make more sense to start smaller (like a Canon G620 knowing it won’t meet long term needs, but to use as a learning platform? I hate how verbose I can be sometimes. context...
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    Coming back to photography: ditch Adobe?

    Well, so far it looks like the fastest way to get up to speed with C1 to give it a fair shot is the Capture One Pro 21 Essentials course on Linked in Learning. many other resources y’all can recommend?