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Recent content by fotografz

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    Reasons for MF in 2021

    I have a different take on the question. Why go MF these days? Bear with me ... Although retired from my rat-race Advertising creative career, I used it as a way to win free-lance photography assignments and photo related work like digital retouching. It helps pay for the crushing expense of...
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    Fun with MF images 2021

    Simply and elegantly beautiful.
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    Best modifier for group/family photos?

    I've shot hundreds of large groups ... place two 72" umbrellas with diffusers parallel to the camera at the outer corner of the group angled inward a bit set up very high pointed down so the drop shadows drop down behind the subjects ... and shoot from a step ladder so the subjects are slightly...
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    Leica SL2 Lenses.

    Keep your eye on the newer Sigma lenses ... they are made in two mounts: Leica L and Sony FE. Sigma is part of the L consortium along with Panasonic and Leica. For example, the most recent Sigma 85/1.4 ART is very good and able to fully resolve the Sony 61 meg FF sensor. It's smaller and...
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    What is "composing in camera"?

    Interesting take on this subject ... perhaps tainted by the format? I guess I'm a slob ... I shoot for the moment and the content and composition is intuitive at best. I'm a Designer and Art Director by training and profession so I do relish well composed images ... but mostly well thought...
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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Here's an out-take ... my lighting assistant with what he called "Thor's Hammer" ... a Profoto B1X 500W/s AIR ... God of Lightening! With the S and CS lenses I can sync to 1/1000th @ full power without resorting to power robbing HSS. Note the new beach cart in background ... this was it's...
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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Gathered up some assistants and went to the beach near us for an outing, first since being so ill ... caught a candid of one of my pals who lent a helping hand, (shot during a break) ... Leica S(006), ISO 100 @ 1/750 sec ... Apo Elmar-S 180 CS @ f/6.8
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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    For a bit of "fun" ... one of a "fantasy series" done for a model's portfolio ... story telling around a studio still image from the S-(006) using Profoto strobes and layered manipulation in PhotoShop to add "aging masks" of corrupt surfaces and corrosion that I've photographed separately over...
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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Dave, your beautiful close-up photo reminded me to ask ... has anyone purchased/used (knows anyone who owns/uses) the breathtakingly expensive Elpro-S filter for the S-APO-Elmar-S 180/3.5 Lens?
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    Must be the season to return here

    I've been away for some time also. Just this past January we dismantled my large studio and am now in the process of finding a new home for all the pro studio stuff> Still shooting both for money and pleasure, but more interested in helping up-coming photographers and other artists I can aid...
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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Warm weather finds curiosity piqued. Watching the street crowd from a good social distance. Pics for social sites perhaps? Available light. Leica S (006) @ 1/4000, Summicron S-100/2 @ f/2.8.
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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Thank you for the kind words Thomas! Speaking of Hasselblad, when first transitioning from Hasselblad H to Leica S I adapted many HC lenses to the Leica because there were only a few S lenses available at first (S-70mm and S-180mm). The CS lenses didn't exist yet. Later I converted all S...
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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    Thanks, I'm doing a LOT better than those who passed away while I was in ICU. I heard Woody was extremely ill from Covid also ... do you remember him?
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    S Is For Show Us Your S2 Shots

    I've not visited this site as much as I used to ... 2020 was a real crusher of a year. Starting on Thanksgiving day I spent a month in ICU and the Infectious Disease Isolation ward in hospital tossing dice with the grim reaper. Covid-19 is "The Gift That Keeps On Giving"by exploiting even any...