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  1. Frankly

    Finally a satisfying Photokina

    Nice to get a lot of actual product announcements rather than minor upgrades like the past few years. Obviously the economy is doing well, I certainly appreciate the strong stock market and employment numbers thanks to our current leadership.
  2. Frankly

    Best USA CLA for Nikon that is not NikonUSA?

    Just got a camera back from a CLA with a faulty shutter release, it was reassembled wrong and not properly tested. They're making good on this but until I get the body back and test it thoroughly I'm gun-shy about using this service again. Also I don't want to send my cameras to Nikon USA...
  3. Frankly

    Optimal SD for Nikon 850?

    Am I correct in assuming the D850 will shoot its fastest if I leave the SD slot empty and only use the XQD card? Second best solution is to get one of the newer most expensive UHS-II SD cards with 300mb/s write speed like the Sony SF-G UHS-II SDXC? Which are as nearly as expensive as the XQD...
  4. Frankly

    WTB Nikon Low Milage D810 for $1250

    Last week I missed a D810 with 7k clicks for $1250. Currently I can buy one for $1300 on FM from a guy with two feedbacks (~eh) but before I do I'll look here since I find more trustworthy sellers on Get DPI than elsewhere. Prices I'm willing to pay are $1250 for a low milage 0-20k click clean...
  5. Frankly

    35/1.4 Milvus ZF and Nikon 20/1.8

    Consolidating on the 28/1.4e because I shoot a lot of spontaneous things that benefit from AF. If I mainly shot landscapes the Milvus would be the ultimate FX lens in 35mm. Zeiss 35/1.4 Milvus ZF for Nikon F mount: Perfect in every way except for faint signs of use on the rubber focusing ring...
  6. Frankly

    Trading my Milvus 35/1.4 for Nikon 28/1.4e

    I'm considering it, before I take photos if anyone is interested please let me know. Haven't compared prices and details yet but they're both expensive ;-p The 35/1.4 Milvus is the best 35 lens ever in terms of performance but it is heavy and manual focus. I've owned the 28/1.4e before and also...
  7. Frankly

    Figuring out the Nikon 58/1.4G

    I'm thinking about picking up this lens in spite of the mixed reviews. The last ~50mm I liked was the Zeiss Milvus, no complaints other than weight and being manual focus. I really want auto-focus and a little less metal and more plastic is OK by me. But please, tell me that at f/5.6 the more...
  8. Frankly

    Here's a few B-sides that rarely get shown (NSFW)

    Not in my book or portfolio but fairly recent accidents that people politely say are "interesting" and then throw me a sidelong glance....
  9. Frankly

    What does Capture One do Better than Camera Raw?

    Been playing with the full trial version on my Nikon D810 files. As far as imaging processing I don't see any ready difference in results between C1 and ACR but I'm just dabbling so far. Granted the organizational and project features could be nice but I don't use those much. How could C1...
  10. Frankly

    Optimal Working and BU Drivers for a 2015 iMac

    It pains me to realize how much I haven't paid attention to tech, twenty years ago I knew everything about RAIDs and SCSI chains. Then I stopped caring. Or at least until now ;-p Right now I have a 2015 iMac 5K with a 3tb Fusion Drive along with a slew of 8tb USB 3 or 2 external WD drives...
  11. Frankly

    WTB cheap older DSLR for kid

    At least she doesn’t want to use her phone but I doubt she’s serious. Perhaps if you have an old Nikon D80 with kit lens or something similar I’ve got $100. Flash needs to work and needs the charger. Obviously I don’t want to spend much. ship to Spencerport NY 14559 Thanks!
  12. Frankly

    Eyepiece Assembly Broke on my Nikon D810

    The entire rectangular plate holding the eyepiece fell off my D810 today. It looks like the plastic got cracked at the retaining screw some time ago and today gravity took its course. I’ve temporarily repaired it using a elastic hair tie. Anyone have experience with this type of repair? I...
  13. Frankly

    Photography and Privacy Law in Italy

    Over time I've been photographing people mostly unaware on the street. At this point it's second nature for me to photograph whatever I find interesting and if the subject rather I didn't... I'll apologize after the fact (if at all). But then I remembered that Britain and France have these...
  14. Frankly

    Aquatech Base Water Housing Nikon D810-800-850

    I'm finding this to be more hassle than I want, if I lived in a beach area I'd own several! Complete Aquatech Base housing for D810 but also fits D800s and I assume D850s. This is the basic model that allows autofocus and shutter firing, comes with P65 Port and pistol grip with electronic...
  15. Frankly

    FS Nikon 300/2.8D AFS-II

    9/10 perfect glass and operation, no squeaks, smooth and tight in all the right places, used but very clean. Comes with OEM shade and cover, gel filter holder, BW polarizer new in sealed box, RRS Arca plate for tripod mount. This is the lightest of the modern AFS telephotos (no useless stupid...