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Recent content by Frederic

  1. Frederic

    FS [EU] : Hasselblad XCD 35-75

    Our cultural heritage studio is selling some equipments to fund new video gear purchases. Among them is a XCD 35-75 in very good condition with only 500 exposures. It was meant to be used for quick reproduction jobs on location but this activity stalled last year. Bought new from the main french...
  2. Frederic

    Hasselblad XCD 35-75mm zoom; long term experience.

    Even though I’m about to sell mine to fund some tech cam bits, I really enjoy this lens on the X1D. I ditched the 45 and 65 after getting it, and it helped me resist the xcd 30 call ;) There’s really nothing wrong with it imho, except for its weight maybe... but then it’s lighter than a bag...
  3. Frederic

    HTS 1.5 with X1D

    Andreas, Thanks for chiming in. Hasselblad statement regarding the HTS compatibility is what caught my interest, though I'd welcome a native X-HTS solution if it existed. I was about to get a XCD 21 for quick architecture shots, that I could "shift" through cropping at the editing stage, when...
  4. Frederic

    HTS 1.5 with X1D

    Resurrecting this thread now the XH 0.8 adapter is available. Has anyone given the x1d/907x - XH0.8 - HTS combo a try yet, maybe with the HCD24 ? Thanks Frederic
  5. Frederic

    WTB: small tech cam

    Still looking, EU preferred (shipping to France) Thanks, Frederic
  6. Frederic

    Rm3d factum

    It looks legit, the communication port for e-modules is visible and appears to be one of the 2 existing versons. There’s no db plate on these pictures, you’ll have to get one. The only extra accessory is the compendium holder. The l-plate was either silver or black, I think it changed to black...
  7. Frederic

    WTB: small tech cam

    Looking to build a lightweight kit for architecture in the coming months, not settled on a specific brand yet. Models I'd consider : Alpa STC, Arca Factum, Cambo WRC 400 (or WRS 1200 / 1600 maybe). Not interested in Max, Rm3di, Universalis, Actus, etc I've owned Alpa and Arca tech cams, so...
  8. Frederic

    907x 50c now available

    There's that thing, country dependent, called VAT which has nothing to do with EU or socialism. It's in the 15-25% range and accounts for the price difference. Even Switzerland has it, AFAIK ? Just saying
  9. Frederic

    Hasselblad CFV ll 50c

    XCD45P and XCD80
  10. Frederic

    Hasselblad CFV ll 50c

    I have, for the sake of testing, and came to the conclusion it wasn't worth the hassle if you intend to use Phocus or Lightroom lens corrections. There was no color issue to fix, only vignetting.
  11. Frederic

    Hasselblad CFV ll 50c

    As I live by the seaside I tend to rely on UV filters, they are usually way easier to clean than the lens front element. The downside is they can cause additional flare or reflections, hence the mandatory lens hood. The B+W wasn't available when I got the lens, and some people mentioned...
  12. Frederic

    Hasselblad CFV ll 50c

    We all seem to have that Sioti lens hood on our 45P ;)
  13. Frederic

    FS : Fujifilm GFX100, GF 32-64, GF 100-200, RRS, EF-GFX adapter

    The GF100-200 and the MCEX-18G extension ring are sold pending funds. Updated list and prices below Fuji GF 32-64 lens : very good to excellent condition, comes with box and original accessories 1390 EUR (+ 20% VAT in the EU) Steelsring EF-GFX (V2) autofocus lens adapter : excellent...