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    Canon EF to E-mount FF adapter

    Guys... probably bought something completely wrong for my A7s? I need to connect my Zeiss 21mm F2.8 with Canon EF mount to my S and got this creature: Pro Canon EOS EF to Sony E-Mount Lens Adapter w/ Aperture Adjustment NEX Adaptor | eBay Using the aperture ring just causes pin-hole effect...
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    DP Merrill camera settings

    Bare over with me because I know my question below has been answered before, I think. :o However are you kind to state your favorite in camera settings having in mind the following: Smoothest transition between midtones/highlight and midtones/shadows? It is time for me to climb the learning...
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    DP1Q announcement

    So.... diglloyd: Sigma announces dp1 Quattro with 28mm (equiv) Wide Angle Lens
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    EM1 with 4K video

    Have you seen this guys !!! (FT4) Surprise: 4k is really coming with the E-M1 firmware update! | 43 Rumors
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    A status on mirrorless vs DSLRs

    I really don't know where to post this interesting discussion. It is relevant for all forums, but here you go: The Mirrorless Revolution See the video :)
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    Fun with A7S

    Hope the fun can start and many more pictures will follow my little contribution today. Pictures are from Vrsac, SRB and shot with A7S and 55mm f1.8.
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    A7S ETTR

    Does anybody have experience with camera settings in A7S, that would assure the same in camera JPEG based histogram is similar to what comes out in RAW? I have very good experience setting contrast, saturation etc. low in my EM1 to make a perfect match, hence making ETTR shooting a reality. I...
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    My X100 getting exhausted

    Beside an Olympus EM1 system I have a love affair with my X100 12 MP Bayer sensor camera. What can I say, I simply love the way the camera renders. But to the point. I have either to buy a new one... or .. and here's the 1000 Dollar question: Have anybody here tried out the Sony A7s? In case...
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    DPM SPP 5 beginner help

    DPM users, please advice me where to find eventual video tutorials to overcome the magenta and green cast using the SPP 5. Any texted description will help too. Any experience Iridient is better in this respect? Thanks in advance.
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    Iridient Developer

    A friend of mine just got his first DPM.. a DP1M. It didn't take long before I heard him scream through a row of emails.. :eek: He the tried to develop some shots with Iridient Developer then, of which I could compare his results with SPP. Iridient seems quite superior and shows no crashes at...
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    DP Merrill accessories

    I just acquired the DP 1, 2 and 3 Merrills. Huh... they are really cheap now. 360,- Euro pcs. Somebody here who remembers how much Foveon cameras costed when launched? :eek: I hope someone would give me an advice what kind of accessories would be helpful starting using these cameras. I ordered...
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    First real review of the DPQ2

    ￾V￾»•iƒŒƒrƒ…￾[￾FSIGMA dp2 Quattro￾iŽÀŽÊ•Ò￾j - ƒfƒWƒJƒ￾ Watch I am blown away by the IQ. What about you? :):):)
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    SPP RAW developer

    I will enter the Foveon world early July where I will receive my new DP2Q. I am no skilled DP rat and have no experience working with the type of camera. I assume nobody until now knows what improvements we would find in the new SSP RAW developer. I have browsed a bit through the WEB to find...