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    Opinions Needed: Nikon D810 or Pentax 645Z

    Hey, Regarding bokeh - yes technically you can get less on a 35mm system, but personally for me I prefer the bokeh rendered by the lenses on my 645z. Sticking in the pentax camp, the 150/2.8 might not be the sharpest lens in the world at 2.8 but has the most beautiful look about it. Going out...
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    Non-troll serious MF conundrum

    Very happy 645z user here, but if I was buying today it'd be a h6, no ifs or buts :)
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    Is there a compelling reason to move to MF?

    abstraction - the reason people got annoyed with you is that despite your claims that you are just researching, you are clearly looking for people to say what you want to hear. erik - I'm using a 645z so I fit into your sceptic bracket :) tell me, honestly do you think a a7r2 would compete...
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    Is there a compelling reason to move to MF?

    goodness - why are you even here? The photos you posted you made could be comfortably accomplished with any 35 based digital slr made in the last 10 years, aps-c or full frame. Heck, damn near any compact could do it. The resolution requirements are so low it's incredible. You are saying that...
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    Is there a compelling reason to move to MF?

    I just cant understand that for the life of me. We compared my 645z vs a friends 5Dsr - the difference was seriously significant. We shot them side by side on a tripod both at 100 iso at f/8 and the difference was clear as day. But if you can't see a diff, then definitely stick with the 5D -...
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    Is there a compelling reason to move to MF?

    So I mostly shoot weddings. I shoot large chunks of the day on medium format (a 645z). I'm very willing to admit that for weddings, that the difference between MF & 35mm is not massive. If you were money conscious, I would agree that buying MF is very hard to justify vs the 35mm stuff. I still...
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    Missing MFD and getting back into it

    My take on it if you decide to get a 645z, get it now and enjoy. They are fantastic, I'm really having fun with mine for both work & play. If you are doing landscapes the 35/3.5 is a excellent lens and the old A model is cheap as chips on ebay. If you want to go the hasselblad route, I'd wait...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    stitch with 645z and hasselblad 110mm lens at f/10 - strange lens choice but it's the one i had with me. End file is enormous. Pretty keen to print it!
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    645Z lens for comparison

    I haven't looked closely at corner sharpness on my 55 - but I've found it to be very sharp with good colours. I like the lens, just find it a bit of a weird focal length. The AF hunts a bit as well. I think it'll do decently in your test.
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    645Z lens for comparison

    Interesting, I've never used the 28-45 but I do have a stack of raws here from it. To my eyes, my old 35/3.5 is better. But thats far from scientific :) The new 35/3.5 also looks very promising and i'll be getting one soon. Sorry Doug if I was in NY I'd head over :) My 35/3.5 is very sharp...
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    Which MF-Back or 5Drs - Studio & Landscape

    From the brief play I've had with a 5DsR I could barely see any actual quality difference to my 3-4 year old 1Dx - i.e. I know it has more pixels and resolves more detail but in general, the picture to me looked incredibly similar. Underwhelmed was an understatement. Theres a lot to be said for...