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Recent content by Geoff

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    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    Its a cutie. Have known this car for the past 15 years in Chicago... along with a few others of the marque - not to take us too far OT. :)
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    Schneider APO Digitar m 80mm f5.6 : any experince with it?

    There is some pretty exceptional expertise in evidence here. Thanks to Dave and Rob for clarifying what has long been on the murky horizon.... Well done, guys!
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    Artful pics of flora...

    and another... a bit more poetic.
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    Artful pics of flora...

    2x3 view camera, 90mm lens, 50mp back...
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    Hasselblad 907x portrait mode

    All true. Best answer: crop to shoot square and no worries.
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    Thoughts on the Hasselblad 907X

    and the rest are sane?
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    Thoughts on the Hasselblad 907X

    One of the issues when using Live View and the back on the 907 is that unlike the reversed image on a WLF (say on the V camera), the image goes with your movement: you go right, the image goes right. For an old time user of GG on medium format cameras used to reversed images, this takes some...
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    Performance issues?

    same issue here in the US, but seems good now.
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    Fun with 503cx and CFV50c ii

    Have found the same. The combination of the 501 with the back works, but is not so easy. Focus is (for me) off as well, even tho the camera was recently serviced, and thus is best confirmed through live view. It all gets to be somewhat of a hassle, so the better answer is to use the V lenses on...
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    Artful pics of flora...

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    Hasselblad vs GFX system

    Can you say why you prefer the 65 to the 90?
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    Younger photographer reshoots test shots for IQ180, older photographers give him better advice.

    At the risk of getting into something where giants have tred, one more offering: It seems that what the OP was doing was a "reasonable" look at what happened, and stumbled into something more complicated. I remember (when first getting a Credo 60), trying something similar - and it didn't work...
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    Old vs new LF lenses for digital imaging?

    Worked a long time ago with a film 90mm lens, don't remember which, on an early crop sensor. Was impressed but only using the center of the image circle. If shifting to the edge, things got blurry....
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    Buying advice (dealers/contacts)

    Contact Paula at Linhof Studios in England. She may not have used backs, but offers generous support to clients.
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    Great Leica Service and Frustration!

    Sorry news. Try not shooting on continuous mode, go to single shot. Sometimes, continuous just overloads the electronics.