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    slow day here...

    Winter wonderland
  2. Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland

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    slow day here...

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    slow day here...

    Re: slow day here in kissamos harbour (crete, greece)
  5. Kissamos Harbour (crete, Greece)

    Kissamos Harbour (crete, Greece)

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    A7r - and why I'm keeping it ...

    Re: Shutter Shock at 784 mm in Portrait Mode! Nothing new - Fritz Pölking, a german nature photographer wrote about the difference of landscape and portrait orientation some years ago: Google Übersetzer
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    Fun with the RX-1

    Shashin, very OT, but your picture reminds me to Erich Salomon: (from History of fast 35mm film optic lenses)
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    RPP supports XP1

    Hello David, as raw-Support in RPP is still in Beta, you could provide Andrey this feedback (Support). The newest Beta is Regards Johannes
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    Aperture 3.2.3 is out, no new cameras supported

    Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.11 This update adds RAW image compatibility for the following camera to Aperture 3 and iPhoto '11 Nikon D800 For more information on supported RAW formats, see OS X Lion: Supported digital camera RAW formats.
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    Cameras and Partners, Gas and Math

    Jonos Paradox Congrats, and I hope you are still happy :) reminds me to Zeno's paradoxes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Aperture 3.2.3 is out, no new cameras supported

    from What's New in Aperture 3.2.3 Photos can now be deleted from Photo Stream Addresses minor issues related to performance and stability Included in Aperture 3.2 Addresses compatibility with iCloud and iOS 5 Resolves an issue that could cause the...
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    HELP! Adobe DNG converter and Fuji X10 RAF files

    there seems to be an error in dcraw-based converter - draw, rpp, RawTherapee, ufraw convert with wrong dimensions. exiftool also reads the wrong dimensions. Raw Developer 1.9.4 from Iridient Digital (Iridient Digital) does it right. From the release notes for 1.9.4: Fixed issues with some EXR...
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    Map software for GPS

    Hello Bill, should do this. In my german version it is under "Werkzeuge -> Information", so maybe tools -> information. If the image has GPS-Data, a GPS"Tab" is shown between Exif and Tiff. The position is show on a map of the earth, with the button "Search" the web browser is...
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    NEX-7 noise is just too much!

    Could a moderator move this thread into the right forum. Thank you.
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    If this is really the Nex-7

    instead of making jokes over MR some people talked to him about the result of the Test. MR has added an Update to the impression: "I have been told by some people that the test below may be flawed, and that the 24mm Summulux was slightly defocused because it couldn't be that bad on-center. This...