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  1. Makten

    Suggestions for Medium Format Camera with CCD Sensor

    I used a little bit of bounce flash, but the room was very dim, yes. Maybe not the best example since I have used the flash like three times and then concluded that flash is probably not for me. 😂 Here's another example; ISO 6400 and 1/15. No flash. 😁 Could I have used a simpler, smaller...
  2. Makten

    Suggestions for Medium Format Camera with CCD Sensor

    To me, low noise at high ISO is a great advantage regardless of what system I use. It means I seldom need a tripod and that I don't have to use different cameras for different occasions. Just an example, ISO 3200 and 1/8 shutter speed...
  3. Makten

    Suggestions for Medium Format Camera with CCD Sensor

    While I agree (at least to some extent), I just wanted to point out that the color difference is not because of CCD vs. CMOS. It's becoming some sort of myth, similar to the one about larger pixels giving lower noise (they don't, per image height). ;) Someone mentioned dynamic range, and that...
  4. Makten

    Suggestions for Medium Format Camera with CCD Sensor

    Is there any rational reason to want a CCD sensor instead of CMOS? In terms of color differences, it can not be because of the sensor technology. Charges in the pixels and/or electronics don't change behaviour depending on how they were created, so the difference must be because of different...
  5. Makten

    Medium Format Ultralight Hiking Kit

    Focus is not in the same spot in those images. The right one is focused further away from the camera. In "ideal" conditions, any tripod should work, provided you use mirror lockup and a cable release or timer. I've been using a very flimly Benro travel tripod with no sharpness issues at all...
  6. Makten

    Need Advice on Buying GFX 50S ll

    So, what kind of advice do you seek? 🤷‍♂️😄
  7. Makten

    New technical camera from Cambo

    Nope, the standard Actus doesn't have tilt/swing on the rear standard and no rise/fall/shift on the front standard, for example. You can achieve the same results, but with a bit more fiddling.
  8. Makten

    Fuji GFX 100s and Capture One and RAW

    There is always an interpretation of the data, because if you'd only "translate" the raw straight from the sensor to something visible it would look totally green (there are twice as many green as red and blue pixels on the sensor), pixelated and very dark. The raw converter needs to interpolate...
  9. Makten

    Hasselblad V lenses on Phase One XF with IQ4/150

    The construction of the sensor itself should only affect color casts and vignetting, not general aberrations. Those are often caused by the UV/IR filter stack on top of the sensor. It's a fairly thick glass plate that acts as a part of the optical system and introduces curvature of field (away...
  10. Makten

    First leaked picture of X2D

    Looks like the rear screen is tilting. Edit: Or maybe not. Didn't realize that the old fixed one looked the same.
  11. Makten

    Pentax 645 35mm lenses

    Hard to se exactly what color the cast is of course, but to me it's pretty clear that the borders are "colder" and more greenish in color than the middle. Look at the mortar between the bricks. I see the same difference on two different screens. My Schneider 28 PC is also retrofocus with a long...
  12. Makten

    Pentax 645 35mm lenses

    To me it looks like strong cyan cast ~1/3 from the borders, which is well into the 71 mm image circle. :oops:
  13. Makten

    Pentax 645 35mm lenses

    Ouch, that's pretty bad color cast too. So this image is a 74x33 mm effective sensor size (81 mm image circle)?
  14. Makten

    Experiences with Schneider Kreuznach 28mm F2.8 L-92° MC Lens?

    That's cheap! I think I gave ~600 Euros for mine, but that's with shift mechanism (but no shutter). There are a bunch of other old 28 mm shift lenses, such as Nikon, Pentax and Olympus. Don't know if they are any good though.
  15. Makten

    Experiences with Schneider Kreuznach 28mm F2.8 L-92° MC Lens?

    I have the same lens in C/Y mount and have used it on GFX 50R and S II. It's pretty sharp at f/11 but the main problem is cyan shift towards the borders, and quite a bit of lateral CA. On the 33x44 mm sensor you can shift it ~5-7 mm or so, but the corners will be crap even at f/16. Maybe OK if...