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Recent content by NoBob

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    lightweight ballhead?

    P0 definitely. Light, solid and easy to use.
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    Camera Case Foam Design

    Yes, curious, too, about which foam is recommended.
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    View camera adapter for A7rii?

    Hi Chiek, Will it fit the 4x5 version of the Arca Swiss Universalis? Could you tell me how much you charge for it, please? Thanks.
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    ARCA-SWISS Universalis

    Hi, Would anyone know what parts would be needed to go from using the 4x5 Universalis to using it with the A7rii? What conversion kit is needed? Thanks.
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    View camera adapter for A7rii?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a view camera adapter for the a7rii, like the one Fuji makes for the GFX 50s? Thanks.
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    Scale (mm) and centering on Arca Swiss Universalis

    Hi, Could someone explain the relationship between the rise and fall scale (mm), centering the lens and sensor/film plane on the Universalis, please? I had a chance to look one over the other day, but could not work out how they relate to each other. Thanks.
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    GFX with custom 24mm TSE ii in Los Angeles

    Interesting, could you explain how it was modified to be fully mechanical, please?
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    Any Free Eye users?

    Hi Joel, If you email them, they're quick to reply. I asked About the movement, could you tell me if is allowed in all directions (up, down, diagonal and in between), please? And is the sliding movement dampened in any way and are there detents to indicate how many millimetres of movement...
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    Any Free Eye users?

    Hi, Has anyone used the Free Eye shift adapter? Freeeye System | Still photography, motion pictures and video How is it to use?
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    Best alternative to 35mm Pentax 645 A using Mirex on A7rii?

    Can anyone recommend a better lens (distortion, CA and *usable* image circle) than the 35mm Pentax 645 A for use with a Mirex adapter and A7rii? Thanks.
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    p0 hybrid

    Hi Jürgen, What's up with the 860102? Any idea?
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    p0 hybrid

    Thanks Jon, Where did you buy it?
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    p0 hybrid

    I already have two clamps. I don't need the Arca Swiss clamp that comes with the hybrid version. The panning section sits under the clamp in both the standard and hybrid p0, not on top.
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    p0 hybrid

    Hi, Does anyone know if just the leveler for the Arca Swiss p0 is available yet? And can the panning section of the original p0 be removed and placed on top of the leveler? Anyone know if the spacer is available? The spacer is the metal ring that sits on top of the panning section (in the...
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    Assistant in Seoul?

    Thanks. Was thinking about doing that, but would really prefer to contact someone who's been recommended.