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  1. Photon42

    Using an IQ4? What's your system?

    Refurb does not mean kaputt. There are certainly some out there who are sending their Macs back for non product related reasons. They may even just found out after purchase they cannot afford them ...
  2. Photon42

    Fun with MF images 2022

    Super moon over Zurich some days back
  3. Photon42

    Fun with MF images 2022

    I did my driving license in one of these back in the day :cool:
  4. Photon42

    Formal bag for MF gear

    I would probably use a formal briefcase (with strap), where you can add the camera body and the the lenses separately. When shooting, the camera will be out with one lens, so you don’t really have to put it back into the bag all the time with attached lens. I reckon the Billingham Hadley...
  5. Photon42

    203FE self timer with CFV II 50C

    What exposure time did you set the back to?
  6. Photon42

    Fun with MF images 2022

    Dusted off the old S2 with the Contax 80: Southern Black Forest
  7. Photon42

    203FE self timer with CFV II 50C

    Did you try to connect the back with the body through a flash cable and maybe change the camera config of the back? In the end the back needs to grab the firing moment. An alternative may be to set the back to an esposure of more than your timer setting in the camera.
  8. Photon42

    Suggestions for Medium Format Camera with CCD Sensor

    I still have my Leica S2 which I bought used in 2017 for 2k. It needs an (sort of expensive) adapter for HC and Contax lenses, but works actually pretty well despite its age. I keep it because it is not worth selling it and from time to time it is fun to use the S2. Not sure though I understand...
  9. Photon42

    Fun with the Ricoh GR III

    I had the same issue with the control wheel. Fortunately, the service company here in Switzerland fixed it within a couple of days under warranty.
  10. Photon42

    For Sale: Hasselblad H5D-50c WiFi (***NOTE: SALE PENDING 5/1/2022)

    I like the idea of having this kit, but then I would not use it anywhere close to that it could make sense for me. Fantastic opportunity for anyone who likes hybrid shooting.
  11. Photon42

    Hasselblad HC lens auto focus performance with X1D body

    I am using a HC100 with the X1D2 - AF is fine within the normal limits of this system. I even prefer the mechanic feel of the lens to the XCD ones.
  12. Photon42


    Just be happy you spend the winter in Florida :cool: