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Recent content by picman

  1. picman

    A7r IV

    Thanks for your reply, only saw it now. Itoo love the Batis lenses and quite enjoy the 16-35f4. Seems we have similar taste 😄
  2. picman

    A7r IV

    Hi, could you post some comparison shots?
  3. picman

    Good/bad copies of Sony 24-70 f/4 lens?

    I use test charts to do an indoor verification of the decentering and resolution and I also do some outdoor shots. Thus for instance my first copy of the 16-35 Zeiss f4 was decentered and had to be returned. Second copy was fine. The 24-70 was fine from the first copy.
  4. picman

    Good/bad copies of Sony 24-70 f/4 lens?

    Absolutely, and I am lucky to have a very good copy. Hence I never understood the negative comments on line, but sample variation is a possibility of course.
  5. picman

    What's the consensus of the Sony A7RII now?

    :loco: :facesmack: :ROTFL: :thumbdown: :LOL:
  6. picman

    Anymore Zeiss Batis lenses planned for 2018 release?

    Well it turned out to be a 40! See
  7. picman

    Anyone using Capture One Express for Sony?

    I have all the usual suspects (C1 Pro, LR and DxO PhotoLab). I use C1 90% of the time, raw conversion, colors, speed, workflow, all suit me best. However do not dismiss DxO PhotoLab. IMHO it has the very best noise reduction, much better than either C1 or LR, so in case of heavy noise due to...
  8. picman

    Sony Firmware Updater a Major Security Risk?

    Considering that most people had already used the updater, prior to this warning, at some time or another what should we do? Is there any software or files we could look for and that should be removed from the computer? I have Avast on my computers.
  9. picman

    Any suggestions on good adapter for M lenses to E mount

    I've had very good experience with the Novoflex adapter. In my case it is for Contax lenses (Contax Distagon 28/f2 -the Hollywood lens-, Contax S-Planar 60mm f2.8 (macro) and Planar 100mm f2, all West Germany made). It is for manual focusing, but all work perfectly, snug fit, perfect focus. I...
  10. picman

    A9: coming soon to you ...

    And I am still on my 2 A900's! AF speed is of no importance to me as I use it almost exclusively for landscape photography.
  11. picman

    What Was Your First Camera

    Zeiss Ikon Contaflex, soon to be followed by the legendary Contax RTS
  12. picman

    Do the math - focal length and Format demystified

    A guy who does not know that P divided by squareroot of P simply equals squareroot of P is telling us how to do the math with measurements :ROTFL:
  13. picman

    LR lens corrections

    Thanks Godfrey, very informative! Cheers, Bob.
  14. picman

    LR lens corrections

    Are the lenscorrection profiles in LR5 of the same quality as those in DxO? In particular are they provided by Adobe or some PRO lab, or are they user-made? Thanks, cheers, Bob.
  15. picman

    Hasselblad Lunar launched in UK - a steal at £5280!

    Yes, but it is only meant for lunatics. :ROTFL: