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Recent content by Ranger Rick

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    Metabones Leica R Lens to Nikon Z Adapter- Like New

    Outstanding quality, built to exacting standards. You can be confident you are going to get the lens properly mounted to your camera. I bought this to use with a Leica R lens, wound up selling both the lens and Nikon camera before using. Adapts Leica R-mount lens to Nikon Z-mount cameras...
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    SOLD Nikkor SW 75mm f/4.5 Lens for 4x5- Excellent

    Mint condition, no scratches or marks on lens body or glass. Glass is perfect, I don't see any dust in the lens. No haze or fungus. Includes lens, retaining ring for mounting to lens board, Nikon front and rear caps. Shutter speeds sound accurate, shutter has been used or exercised at all...
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    FS: SOLD Fuji GA645Zi, Mint with OEM Case, Strap, Lenshood, Lens Cap, OEM Printed Manual, Box

    This is in excellent shape, cosmetically, optically and mechanically. I bought it from Sandy King a few years ago, he had taken very good care of it, so have I. It is film-tested: I just ran a roll of 220 through it and it worked perfectly. LCD display is perfect. New batteries. Includes the...
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    Is this allowed?

    Somehow they have managed to send messages to many of us
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    New member in Arizona

    Welcome from Rick in Tempe!
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    Looking for a reliable retailer

    Use the coupon code HHPWORKSHOP for 20% off on the Hoya website.
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    Looking for a reliable retailer

    I buy direct from Breakthrough or Hoya online. Several other manufacturers also have online direct sales. So many counterfeit/returned items out there. Same for SD cards, etc. Amazon would be a last option but only if they are the seller (and even then not sure it won't be a returned/used item).
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    Olympus (Now OM Digital Solutions) Discontinues Extended Warranties?

    I just received a reply from them that they intend to offer again "in March".
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    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    Talk about lens distortion! :)
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    FS: Hasselblad Xpan Quick Release Plate- Mint

    Like new QR plate for Hasselblad Xpan camera. $45 incl. regularpaypal and shipped continental US.
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    Is this the lens that will save Olympus?

    AFAIK, the hood is included. The "buzz" is up in arms over the price, but what about the FF sort-of-competition at $12-13k for a prime? No one blasted Nikon/Canon for that, but then that doesn't generate clicks. If I were a pro or even wealthy amateur birder for wildlife photographer, I'd be...
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    Capture One v21 preorder woes and words of caution

    I figured out a workaround- downloaded trial version of C1 20, installed that (replacing existing C1 20), used the key code for C1 21, it seems to be working.
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    Capture One v21 preorder woes and words of caution

    I was just there, they have no record of me later than v6. Everything else missing.