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Recent content by rmueller

  1. rmueller

    Behind the scenes

    Another one from last winter
  2. rmueller

    Behind the scenes

    The final image is with de-saturated colors and a LUT applied to achieve the look I'm after in this series. The BTS is with iPhone and no post-processing.
  3. rmueller

    Behind the scenes

    Rottenburg a. Neckar, Germany
  4. rmueller

    Just bought an Imacon flextight precision ii - What else do I need?

    I was close to get a Flextight scanner but then decided against it because of the HW and SW issues that come with this. Purchased a 5x7“ light source and film holders from and scan my 4x5” and 120mm with my H6D50c from a stand. Glad I didn’t get into this mess with a scanner...
  5. rmueller

    Trying to decide between the Hasselblad X1D II or the 907x

    For me, the 907 is THE best second digital camera one can get IF you have some V System gear hanging around or a X1D. I'd never consider the 907 as my one and only camera. I don't have the 907 as we have enough HB analog and digital stuff (including X1DII) but might be tempted to get one in the...
  6. rmueller

    Follow-up on Hasselblad F/FE lenses: definitive guide to Planar 110 generations

    Here's what i have, not sure which version, results are great though. Serial # is 7143882. Cheers, Ralf.
  7. rmueller

    Behind the scenes

    From a new project.
  8. rmueller

    A day at the Linhof factory in Munich, Germany

    Thanks and hope your Master Technika will be in your hands soon. I really enjoy the Large Format experience again, such a pleasure to take the MT out in the field and coming back home with an image or two at a day.
  9. rmueller

    A day at the Linhof factory in Munich, Germany

    Vielen Dank! Ich kann Dich nur ermuntern, mal wieder mit der 4x5" nach draussen zu gehen und zu fotografieren. Ich habe 2007 damit aufgehört, weil mir damals meine Kardan GT auf optischer Bank einfach vom Volumen zu gross war, die mit ins Feld zu nehmen. Die Master Technika dagegen ist sehr...
  10. rmueller

    Behind the scenes

    Hi, in the Medium Format section there is a thread "Behind the scenes" which I really enjoy. The idea is to show your setup with the final shot. I'd love to get this going for Large Format too, so let me start this with an example. Shot with 4x5" Linhof Master Technika 3000, Schneider...
  11. rmueller

    More Fun with Large Format Film Images!

    Some scan results after my first batch of 4x5" film returned from the lab. All shot on Linhof Master Technika 3000 and 150mm Rodenstock Apo Sironar-N.
  12. rmueller

    Birgit Maddox Monterey, California

    Herzlich Willkommen Birgit und Liebe Grüße aus dem Badischen. Ralf
  13. rmueller

    Hasselblad 40mm F4 CFE or CFE IF ?

    Hi, i’d recommend the IF version. You won’t need it for film but for digital it really stands out and above all other V Zeiss lenses IMO. My wife shoots it on a 503CW with CFV-50c and its her primary lens. If you like, we can put some RAW images on our dropbox and share with you, send me your...
  14. rmueller

    Your favourite photographic book done by a medium format photographer?

    Oh wow, there are many and some have been mentioned already. Two of my favorite books are Keith Carter: From Uncertain to Blue Rodney Smith: Photographs or any other book from Keith or Rodney.