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Recent content by Robert Campbell

  1. Robert Campbell

    Fun with Leica Compact Cameras

    Ah yes, the difference between a route march and a wee dander! 😁
  2. Robert Campbell

    The new Leica Q2 Monochrom

    Your review makes a good pair with Sean Reid's. I hope you get another Q2M when the plague has passed, or at least lessened sufficiently, so we can see more of what it can achieve in practice; clock faces are all very well, but I prefer to look at real-world images.
  3. Robert Campbell

    Getting the best B&W rendering from digital.

    Comments to the effect that, "I can't get my digital images to look like analogue (film emulsion) ones" are common enough, expressing frustration. I don't remember seeing, "I can't get my emulsion images to look like digital ones". No doubt someone will correct me, but still.
  4. Robert Campbell

    Fun with Leica Compact Cameras

    Unfortunate name for a river ;)
  5. Robert Campbell

    Help needed please.

    If your problem, or worry, is that one camera will fail, then why not have a second body of the same type? They need not be identical but should be able to use all the lenses. That would mean carrying 2 bodies and the lenses you prefer. If one body fails, you still have a back-up. That would be...
  6. Robert Campbell

    Help needed please.

    "I travel a lot...overseas destinations." You are lucky to be able to do that these days. However, what is the purpose of this travel? Is it primarily for business, or primarily for photography (and leisure)? Secondly, while you have two camera systems, why do you need both? (I plead ignorance...
  7. Robert Campbell

    Landscape Photography

    This is dawn in Connemara in the west of Ireland: These are dawn in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland:
  8. Robert Campbell

    What's the most dangerous and unusual place you have ever photographed?

    That was presumably the funeral of Michael Gaughan in 1974. Hunger strikes have a long history in Ireland, with the most recent being during "The Troubles" in the early 1980s. There were lots of press photographers around from an early stage; the provincial ones usually covered mundane...
  9. Robert Campbell

    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    The Monochroms are a rather specialised tool, are they not? And not priced for everyman. While we enjoy seeing the work of others, some of us aren't in that league, alas.
  10. Robert Campbell

    Fun with Leica Compact Cameras

    Ah, all so very English, Keith. Charming rusticality. You might need to explain to some here, that you still have to pay for the ale in a "Free House"! :)
  11. Robert Campbell

    M10M exposure bracketing defective?

    I had something similar years ago, though it has disappeared. A rather fiddly thing, but better than nothing, so I've no experience with it on the CL. I guess the idea is sound enough, but the implementation is a bit lacking.
  12. Robert Campbell

    M10M exposure bracketing defective?

    Hama make a device consisting of an adjustable strap that wraps around the camera; it has a thread for an ordinary cable release. This is from UK amazon:
  13. Robert Campbell

    Sunset Bar: Feedback Please

    PS: I forgot this, another example of "photography related" and the interface with "politics". There have been several books of photos published locally illustrating (and describing) that period euphemistically called "the troubles" in N Ireland. The photographers were on the staff of local...
  14. Robert Campbell

    Sunset Bar: Feedback Please

    #2, "photography related" Things that don't fit elsewhere; as an example "environmental responsibility" as mentioned above. Politics only as far as "photography related"; I could imagine the use of photos as "propaganda", or images that have been manipulated for political reasons — the...
  15. Robert Campbell

    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    Strange looking bridge, a cross between the Bridge of Sighs and modernistic/brutalistic styles. Neither the one thing nor the other.