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Recent content by TimoK

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    RawTherapee and Pixel Shift tutorial?

    You have to choose demosaicing method on Raw Tab: pixel shift. Look at manual:
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    Comparision between Digaron-W 50 mm, Apo Sironar Digital/Sinaron Digital 55 mm and Apo Digitar XL 60 mm

    Thank You for doing all that work! I am very interested in old lenses especially after I took an Apo Sironar Digital 135mm into my toolbox. I think it is my best landscape lens today. I am using it with Sony 7rmk2 which I think is the same sensor as You used in the test
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    This a great picture in itself. But may I ask whats going on in it? There seems to be a story in the picture/scene. What's going on?
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    CFV II 50c and rodenstock 28 with shift anyone ?

    In RawTherapee there is many tools to manage yuor picture. First when I looked your file in RT it was awful. Then I tried to find right tools. The key was choosing the right demosaicing algorithm. I recommend VNG4 for HBL files. The answer for your question is no, after all those things I did...
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    CFV II 50c and rodenstock 28 with shift anyone ?

    I tried RawTherapee with 00864.fff and 00868.fff. I think the result is promising. I don't know what the color should be.
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    Hasselblad 40mm F4 CFE or CFE IF ?

    They still have the MTF curves for historical lenses on public sites. That's great! According to the MTF curves, the Cfe if version is much better than the Cfe. Better resolution in the corners, maybe more microcontarst too. I really only found a discussion about sharpness of some Zeiss made...
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    Hasselblad 40mm F4 CFE or CFE IF ?

    The link docholiday gave was not useful. But look at this: @darr, did you post when I was posting?
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    Image Stacking for Macro

    Very interestingly, when I look at the picture I did post here, I don't see any reason in it to focus stack. No reason at all to take so unsharp photo of so solid object. But:unsure: It was not unsharp on my computer. But I had to downresize it before posting (due to the forum software). I...
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    Digitizing Film - Part #2 [Article]

    Thank You for a great article! Your equipment looks very similar to mine. It happend that I did make the copy stand from Durst 1200L and I do use Profoto studio flash with lightbox for lightning and Sony 7R ( II to IV) FF cameras as capturing sensors. But those are minimal differencies. I'm...
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    Image Stacking for Macro

    7RII, Actus, Apo Digitar-m 120mm, 8 shots stacked and combined with enfuse.
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    FS: New Schneider Kreuznach Apo-Digitar 5,6/80 M 28° MC

    wrong comment, sorry. Did not see this is macro version
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    Sony A7C - Full Frame Compact Camera

    Me four. In my landscape hobby I'm looking for megapixels.It might be ridicolous, but I think the more pixels the better. I hope some day I could accept upgrading to 7RIV. I don't care about EFCS, but AF is something to care. Is the AF of 7c much better than 7RIV's ?
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    Sunset Bar: Feedback Please

    Yes it do, thank You! I really did not see it.
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    Forum Software Upgrade

    I posted couple of photos to the new forum. I selected full format to appearance, yesterday it worked but now those are seen as previews. A bug? Edit. Now it works again. Sorry for wrong alert
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    Forum Software Upgrade

    It depends. My security settings in the browser are quite tight. So it clears all cookies when closing. And yes, it should not remember what I did last time. It's my privacy and maybe I have to live with it.