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Recent content by wattsy

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    How about more and more fun with Leica M? (Film)

    (It's been a while since I last visited this website.) Here's a few Portra 400 photos from the summer this year in the UK. All 28 Summaron-M photos. Isle of Wight Yorkshire Dales
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    Unhealthy Forums

    I didn't think it was possible to add a moderator to your ignore list at the LUF. Lord knows how many times I've tried to do that in the past. Perhaps I should take another look.
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    On the contrary, freedom for the pike is death for the minnow. If you believe otherwise, you are a deluded fool.
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    Nikon 105 f/1.4 -- Yummy !!!

    It's a real shame that they have done this, especially as Nikon are one of only two mainstream companies selling a 35mm film camera. The strength of a system is that you can use bodies and lenses interchangeably and a lens like the 105/F1.4 is crying out to be used on an F5 for F6.
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    Nikon 105 f/1.4 -- Yummy !!!

    Ok, thank you. What's the rationale for the E type aperture rather than G? Presumably there is some advantage to E that is worth sacrificing backwards compatibility?
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    Nikon 105 f/1.4 -- Yummy !!!

    I'm a bit behind with the latest Nikon gear news but why doesn't the new 105 work with the F6? Is it just a metering thing (works fine in manual) or is it more fundamental (i.e. doesn't work at all)?
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    Double exposures on D810

    You can open JPEGs and TIFFs in ACR (at least you can if you right-click on the image in Bridge). I do it quite often with film scans, especially ones from a lab, or I tweak JPEGs created alongside the RAW if I like the look of the colour in the JPEG.
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    FS: Leica M7 0.72x Black Chrome, boxed Ex++ serial #294xxxx

    Weekly bump. Just to reiterate, this is a nice condition, clean M7 that has been serviced by Leica (installation of the optical DX reader plus associated adjustments back to factory spec, etc.) and unused by me since then. Boxed with original paperwork.
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    FS: Leica M7 0.72x Black Chrome, boxed Ex++ serial #294xxxx

    Bump. I might be open to a reasonable offer.
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    New/Old Summaron-M 28/5.6

    Some more photos. Portra 400 and T-max 400.
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    How about more and more fun with Leica M? (Film)

    All 28mm Summaron-M and Portra 400