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907x 50c for Art reproduction?


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Would you think the 907x 50c is a good choice for art reproduction? And which lens would you take?
I know it’s not Phase One 150mp/multishot400 back. I would rent one if one would really need that resolution.



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Apparently pixel shift is coming to the GFX 100 in November. It's a tool that certainly lends itself to art reproduction -- 400 MP files.


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If that is what you have why not give it a try? Depending on your needs I don't see why you couldn't use it. If this is for commercial clients they may have a list of specific requirements and file delivery specs / expectations that may rule this system out.

There are many members with extensive knowledge about this type of work, perhaps they will chime in soon.


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Not a pro, but the V system Planar 3,5/100 together with the CFV II 50C comes to mind. Distortion almost nil and reasonable FoV with the 33x44 sensor.

Such a combo may not be top of the crop with what's possible in a professional context nowadays, though...

Craig Stocks

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60, 80 and 100 MP backs worked fine foe quite a while so I’d think resolution should be fine, you just do a mosiac if you need higher resolution. In my experience getting proper color match is a much bigger issue and I’ve found I have to use Capture One’s flat art reproduction tools.

Craig Stocks

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I use standard Capture One Pro. Choose a linear curve and a flat art reproduction profile if it’s available. You can also use something like Lumariver Profile Designer to cre your own custom reproduction profile.


Of the XCD lenses I would think the 120 would be the best choice. It is among the best Hasselblad produces in terms of edge sharpness and flatness of field, and it has the lowest distortion of any current XCD lens. As to color, that is indeed likely to be 5e most difficult challenge, but the challenge is really no worse with the 907 than with other brands and models.

Whether the 907 is a good fit or not would, I think, depend on hour client’s requirements.


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Are this presets for C1 and or Phocus or special version of the software?
This is a functionality embedded in the standard Phocus software/process.
Here is an introductory video about Repro Mode & Color Calibration with Phocus. It involves creating a custom profile through the use of a color checker.