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Adhoc Wifi from IQ2/3 tips?


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Any one have any tips using Capture Pilot on my iPad to an IQ2 or IQ3? I should be able to use it to control the camera after connecting.

I create the Adhoc network to broadcast from DB
I join the wifi network that is broadcast from the DB
In capture pilot I select the Capture Pilot with the Camera icon next to it...
never connects.

Any ideas?
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My learnings...

When using Adhoc network.The wifi status on the back says "Adhoc Up", then after 30-60 secs it changes to "Adhoc Add Client". Then you can connect to the Adhoc broadcasting wifi from your back and be able to see the images on the card and control the shutter.

Steve Hendrix

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Make sure you wait and see the check mark signifying successful pairing before closing the wifi settings on your iPhone.

Steve Hendrix/CI