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advice for ultra wide for 1D series


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looking for advice for ultrawide on the 1D series. had a 17-40L but did not really feel it was wide enough and doubt the 16-35L is much wider really. not interested in getting a 5D or 1DS series camera either. thanks for any help in advance, Don
Af is a must, too ....


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Brad - thanks for the suggestion, do you own this Sigma lens? Was wondering if you could comment further on any pros and cons. It seems to be the only lens that offers the coverage I am asking about. Thanks again, Don


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I have some experience with the Sig 12-24.

12mm is plenty wide on the 1D (aps-h).
Very, very little distortion, probably thanks to the large bulbous front element.
AF is pretty reliable (though the DOF is very large from the get-go)
Very sharp, in my opinion, from f/8 and narrower at all focal lengths, except maybe 24mm, which, I think is probably the weak point of this zoom.
Relatively cheap, and there´s no feasible alternative to it (except the Nik14-24, and it´s quite a lot more, in addition to the G-EOS adapter).

Not weathersealed, but some electrical tape can fix that.
Not a huge aperture, and not a fixed aperture. I think that lens could´ve been made with a fixed f/5.6 aperture and stay as good as it is.

I´ve borrowed this lens from my dad on several occasions, but I´m using a new computer, and none of the shots I did with the lens were really keepers (boring shots, user error...).

Still considering getting one of my own, when funds and the woman allows, for landscapes and street photography. Great lens!


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I did own it, then sold it to Jack - not because I didn't like it, just that I use the Leica for wide work now.


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Leica-R 19 mm (on an adapter and you will need to file the back of the lens a bit to clear the mirror, but the lens rocks). No AF, of course (I know it's a must...)



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or, if you want to go even wider, then Leica-R Super Elmar 15 mm (needs some physical tweaking on the full frame bodies but works fine on the 1D MkIV). Again, no AF (and again, I know it's a must, before someone helpfully reminds me..., anyway I don't need AF on a lens this wide but of course I can imagine why it is a must for you)



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I use the 12-24 Sigma on the 1D series cameras. It's my widest lens at work. I use it for architecture, on a tripod, at f/11, using live view for focus. Then it works pretty well. Hand held, wide open, using AF -- not so much. Distortion and purple fringing are well corrected in this lens.