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Artifacts in Phase One IQ260 Live View


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I recently purchased a lightly used IQ260 digital back here on the forum and use it with an XF body and SK 55mm and 110mm silver ring lenses. Still images look normal when viewed on the rear LCD and the RAW files look great in Capture One on a computer. However, during live view there are vertical line artifacts and a strong green color cast, even when the camera is on a tripod and the scene is still. Is that normal for the IQ260 live view? I knew the refresh rate would be slow because it's a CCD sensor, but didn't expect the vertical lines or color cast. I searched here in the forum and saw a couple posts mentioning artifacts in live view on CCD backs, but there wasn't much detail on what the artifacts were. I assume this is normal since the images out of the back are normal, but just wanted to double check.




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Yes, this is normall. In bright light, I use a variable ND to tame the artefacts.
I never use live view on the xf, only with a cambo actus.


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i second that, absolutely normal, there are some downsides for live view in ccd
i guess the readout time of ccd sensors is extremely high, so thats why you have the low FPS and overlay exposure so to call?
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