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C1 tethering with MacBook Pro M1


Hello all! Has anyone used the MBP M1 for tethering on location? I’m very interested in something small, with a long lasting battery. Is it stable? Does tethering work as expected? Hows the battery life?


Thanks Paul, that’s exactly what I was looking for. What camera are you using? How’s the speed? I plan on using my P1 back and a GFX system.

Paul Spinnler

Well-known member
The speed is top. I shoot as fast as possible into C1 from an IQ4 150 - it handles it without problems. Screen is just a bit small for my liking in general, which is why. home I use a 16 inch MBP.


Active member
just had to convince my friend who could not believe that an M1 air was faster then his maxed out mbp 16. his digitech told him to stay away from M1 for now, so we had to have an actual test run. M1 is just as stable, just as fast but lasts 2-3 times longer. small screen is a trade off but not that bad, quality is top.
plenty of YouTube tests, M1 wins some tests, intel others but all in all it is a wash, you won't notice a difference in C1, if any, the M1 might be slightly faster. unless you have anything older then 2 years, then its no contest. and all that without fan noise and much better battery.