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Ciao from Italy


New member
Hello! Introducing myself after lurking on the forum for a few months. I'm Filippo and I'm located in Italy and after several years shooting medium and large format film, I recently (last year) acquired an Hasselblad 907x and a Silvestri Bicam III (to be used with the CFV-50c II) trying to have the same feeling with digital as I had with film.

I mainly print with alt techniques like Van Dyke, Gum, Cyanotype and Carbon transfer (directly with film or with digital negatives from scanned film or digital cameras files)

As personal life, I'm a software engineer and the real photographer in the family is my wife...


Well-known member
Thank you for sharing. Welcome!

And your setup sounds very good - can you share experiences with us in the medium or large format forums? The combination of digital and view camera (of sorts) is always of interest. Plus perhaps some of your prints too! They sound interesting. :)