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Formal bag for MF gear


If you really want to go high end, get a custom Goyard or LV case made. Specify what you need and they will built you the perfect case. Working with Karl Lagerfeld in the nineties frequently, I was always in awe of the personlized cases, like a glue stick loop to stick the polaroids in the job books…it’s a write off and they hold up forever…


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I would probably use a formal briefcase (with strap), where you can add the camera body and the the lenses separately. When shooting, the camera will be out with one lens, so you don’t really have to put it back into the bag all the time with attached lens. I reckon
the Billingham Hadley inserts fit most briefcases.


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As I mentioned earlier have to determine how the bag will performed when carried and work back to the equipment decision . I found the attached Todd bag by accident today . You can see the format 8x10x2 is near perfect as a formal carry bag . Has to be thin to look right with your Tux.

This would be an easy bag to use with a Leica M and two lenses . You take the lenses off the body when transporting . Back to back with 28/2 Asph and 50 /2 APO . Use APS C format to get a 75mm equivalent for portraits .

If you want to use the Fuji R will fit without lens and a 50X lens will fit as well . Maybe a 2nd lens as well .

You really have to get the exact sizes of your gear and desk check your possible bags .Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 9.36.03 AM.pngScreen Shot 2022-06-26 at 9.34.27 AM.pnglens.png
Three approaches (and thank you for a clear explanation of your requirements ).

1. Black Smooth leather messenger bag....must be light weight and used without a bulky insert . Width is most important needs to be thin and tall not (short and square like most small bags ) . The leather should be polished looking . Bag should be in that 3-4 wide size . This is important so bag collapses into your body . You have to look close at the leather many popular bags are industrial strength ...designed for rough use . I will look for a couple of examples . (Artisan and Artist used to have bags like this , Oberwerth of course is great , I have thin black Billingham that is coated canvas that would work (its all black ) . Black Nylon also works so Prada makes a formal looking bag .

2. Lens only bag ....assume you have the camera and the 50MM on your shoulder (black smooth leather strap ) . You would need a very small black leather bag for two lenses ,a few extra batteries . This is the approach I would use and I have one of Overgaard s small MONO messenger bags (way way too expensive ).

3. Get a Leica Q2 MONO and forget the bag ....this would be much more useful and elegant solution . Plus you would have 28/35/50mm FOV at a touch with plenty of pixels .


Based on your stated requirements don t need the bulk of a true working bag . Ditch the insert and use a camera wrap or neoprene pouch . Or just stuff that white silk scarf you wore with your tuxedo ! into the bag as padding .

Personally I favor the lens only bag because I want the camera out all the time .

A Pro would have a small flash and this could be tricking in the Louve.

When I am stuck I bribe my wife (very expensive choice ) to use a purse that can hold a lens .
I am really jealous of your getting to photograph at the Louve . I was scheduled to be in Paris the entire month of June but a last minute family issue required a postponement . I know this assignment well and you have the 3 focal lengths I would want .
recommend considering a large leather or alligator messenger bag with a padded camera-specific insert. This type of bag offers both elegance and functionality, providing ample space for your camera gear while maintaining a sophisticated appearance that won't look out of place in a tuxedo at the Louvre. Look for a design with subtle branding or a classic aesthetic to avoid appearing too conspicuous as a professional photographer covering the event.


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Bit of an old thread but quite interesting. I've photographed quite a few poncey events (though not at the Louvre, I hasten to add) and I can't imagine taking more than a small single camera were I to be invited as a guest. As a paid photographer I usually go with my trusty all black Billingham 550 as it is large enough to house everything I want bar a light stand. I usually end up parking the bag behind a counter or desk and take out what I need at any given moment. As a guest, having anything more than a Leica with one lens (and no bag) strikes me as a real hassle. An iPhone is probably the best answer nowadays.😀


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I don't know if it fits in terms of style, but this bag convinced me. Visually simple and extremely fast and reliable in use. On the website they call it "The World's Fastest, Open-Layout Camera Bag System" and I have to confirm that I don't know of a faster and more practical system. Thanks to the quick access, I take significantly more snapshots with this camera bag than with any other.