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FS: Hasselblad HC 120 Macro Mark II Lens US$2000


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Very clean copy of the HC 120/4 Macro Mod II for use with any H series, Leica S, GFX or X body (via their respective adapters).

Designed for digital backs (vs. film as w/the Mk I), the 120M Mod II is one of the nicest 1:1 macros available. Very, very sharp starting wide open, smooth bokeh and great CA control. The lens accepts any combination of extension tubes and/or the Hasselblad Macro Converter (see other listing) to get > 1:1 repro

We use this lens on both our H5D-40 and GFX50S with stellar results - just not enough.

One great feature of using HC series lenses on Fuji is the ability to switch between the lens leaf shutter or the GFX body shutter w/a button push on the adapter. Use the 120s' leaf shutter for <= 1/800 sync for ambient control, or use the camera's body shutter to save leaf shutter wear for <= 1/125 max sync or <= 1/4000 max sync (w/HSS). Literally the best of both worlds.

So, the bodies it can be used on (aside from Hassy H) are as follows:

1. Leica S - AF and leaf or body shutter.
2. Hassy X - manual focus, leaf shutter.
3. GFX_ - manual focus, leaf or body shutter.

Setting AF distance limit (critical to prevent hunting with an AF macro) is done via the H bodys' menu. Once set, it remains as set whenever the lens is mounted until changed. Near is good for up to across a large room.

Other than a small scuff on the hood, the lens is clean in all respects (any 'dots' you see are dust that re-settled post-cleaning). Barrel & glass clean, no discernible internal dust. Smooth focus. App. 3700 activations.

Comes with hood and caps, no box.

Price is US$2000 (paid in C$ equivalent) includes shipping in Canada by Canada Post. US or RoW (with some exceptions, please contact) at actual cost based on online estimate.

Payment by EMT in Canada or via PP (add 3.5% please)


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