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FS: Mamiya RZ67 lenses (excellent!)


For sale: 8 (!) original Mamiya-Sekor Z lenses

All these lenses are the latest versions, optically perfect: No haze, no separation, no fungus, no scratches. Shutters in perfect condition.
Lenses also come with all original accessories, caps, covers, rubber lens hoods and three come with the original box.

And all these lenses are selected, optically excellent copies! Throughout 2018, I purchased two or three copies from each focal length (!) from reputed Japanese sellers over Ebay and only kept the best versions. All others went back. As a side note: I always had very good transactions and got refunds within very few days back from Japan.

- Mamiya-Sekor Z Lens M 4,5/50mm ULD L
- Mamiya-Sekor Z Lens M 3,5/75mm L
- Mamiya-Sekor Z Lens 2,8/110mm
- Mamiya-Sekor Z Lens Macro 4,5/140mm M/L-A
- Mamiya-Sekor Z Lens 3,5/150mm W (with box)
- Mamiya-APO-Sekor Z Lens 4,5/210mm (with box)
- Mamiya-APO-Sekor Z Lens 4,5/250mm (with box)
- Mamiya-APO-Sekor Z Lens 5,6/350mm (including original Mamiya long lens support)

- Bellows Lens Hood G-3 and Front Bellows Hood for G-3 (= extension)
- RZ67 PROII Auto Extension Tube No. 1
- RZ67 PROII Auto Extension Tube No. 2

- Fotodiox PRO adapter for RZ/RB67 lenses to Sony E-Mount (with built-in focusing helicoid)
- Fotodiox PRO adapter for RZ/RB67 lenses to Fuji GFX (with built-in focusing helicoid)

All attached photos are from the actual items.

Reason for selling: I very rarely ever used these lenses.
With my Phase One IQ3 100, the RZ67 Pro IID produced really excellent files with all those lenses.

Price is US $ 2500, including everything mentioned and pictured here, shipping is free (worldwide), Paypal welcome.

For now, I would like to sell the whole kit together, not separate.
I’m also selling my Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID kit, including digital adapter and accessories, please check my other post.
If interested to buy everything together, I would be willing to lower the price as a bundle.

I have been selling many items here on GetDPI, you can also check my Ebay history, username on Ebay is “vonalpen11” (100% positive feedbacks).

Contact Information:
Jost von Allmen
[email protected]
Jost von Allmen - Fotografie & Kurse




New member
Četl jsem na vašem webu pojednání o kamerách. Prosím, mám na Vás dotaz - jak je řešeno nastavení clony na objektivu Mamiya - Apo Sekor Z 350 v kombinaci s fotodiox adaptérem pro Fuji GFX 100s? Lze u tohoto objektivu nastavit clonu ručně? Jak to vůbec funguje? Děkujeme Vám za Vaši odpověď. S pozdravem Peter


Hi Peter
I answer your qustion here although this ist not really the right place for such a discussion.
In the future, you should start a new thread in the "Medium Format Systems and Digital Backs" section.
I translated your text with google translator.

The Fotodiox adapters for the Mamiya RZ 67 lenses (including the ones I sold for Sony E-Mount and Fuji GFX) have a separate ring to stop down the aperture manually.
So yes, you can control the aperture manually.



Jost von Allmen