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FS Price drop: PhaseOne Achromatic+ (Contax mount) and ArcaSwiss Rm2d with grip


New member
I am selling my medium format gear (to fund a new project). I've taken extremely good care of this gear.

1/ PhaseOne Achromatic 45+ Contax mount!
Visible light, IR/UV filter installed by Phase One in Copenhagen
Excellent condition. The internal battery that powers date and time looses power when the back is inactive for an extended period of time. It's been this way since I bought the back. Bought from Bear Images. Only 9649 actuations.

Comes with:

4 original PhaseOne batteries
Original charger / Canon charger (dependable, compact, no need for a power adapter)
all necesary cables, original PhaseOne Firewire cable for tethered shooting
Original PhaseOne Pelican rolling case.

€ 10000

2/ Original Arca Swiss Contax adapter plate 'N' standard
excellent condition (with original blister)

€ 350

3/ Original Arca Swiss Mamya adapter plate 'N' standard
excellent condition (only used it a few times with rental DB). (With original blister)

€ 350

4/ Arca Swiss Rm2d with extended grip.
In my view the most elegant of the R-camera's. Lightweight, compact, extremely sturdy and very versatile. Included is the metal extension to the grip, witch gives it a more secure grip. Excellent condition. Very clean, functions like new. The small 'rail' with which the camera mounts to a tripod head shows some normal signs of wear. Rise 20mm, fall 10mm , shift 15mm left, 15mm right

€ 3000

All prices net to me, preferably continental Europe. Paypal. Shipping from Germany.

I haven't contributed to Getdpi forums before, but here's a bit of info on me:




Well-known member
Woah an Achromatic + and in contax mount nonetheless? These definitely don’t surface for sale often.



New member
Thanks! I'm so glad I choose the achromatic over the colour version at the time. It's still an extraordinary tool.


How do you shift with Rm2d? Is it separate from geared rise and fall, or do you just rotate camera 90°?


New member
Rise/fall movement is separated from shift. You can use them simultaneously, in any combination, without rotating the camera. The only reason to rotate the camera 180° (by mounting the small rail in the accessory shoe on top) would be if you need 20mm natural fall in stead of 20mm natural rise. Normal natural fall actually is 11mm, not the indicated 10mm. Rise/fall are indeed geared. Shifting isn't, making it faster - and still very accurate. There's a perfect resistance to the sliding mechanism, it never moved out of any position that I put it in.
I made some fast (and dusty, sorry for that) snapshots, illustrating the different displacements. Also a picture of the small rail, it connects the camera to Arca style tripod mounts and Arca Swiss optical benches. I often used a longer rail to get closer to the subject.



New member
I hope that these great tools find a new place…

New price:

Apochromatic+: 7500 €
Adapter plates: each 250 €
Arca Swiss Rm2D: 2500 €