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FS: REDUCED - Rodenstock Sinaron SE 150mm F5.6 (Apo-Sironar-S)


Hi everyone!

I’m currently selling on my amazing Rodenstock Sinaron SE 150mm f5.6 - of course it requires very little introduction. The Rodenstock Sinaron SE is the Sinar rebranding for the exact same Apo-Sironar-S. This 150mm is spectacular. Sharpness unparalleled at most apertures, incredible image circle performance. My example I rate in great to excellent condition - of course naturally without a single mark on the elements, zero haze, zero fog or scratches. The Copal 0 shutter operates flawlessly at all speeds, spotless aperture blades never a hassle in the years I’ve owned is amazing piece of glass.

My price is firm at $1,599 USD. Transaction via PayPal (not including PayPal fees or shipping). I’m located in Melbourne, Australia though happy to send worldwide! Feel free to DM me for some photos of the lens.

Thanks for viewing and have a great day!


New member
I'm interested and I'm in OZ, Qld. Need to ask a couple questions first.
PM me if you can


New member
If this is til around I’m interested in this - any chance if i PM you that you could send me some images?